Monday, December 17, 2012

Weirdest Iron Man EVER!

    So I went down to China Square for their regular toy bazaar today, and came across this old figurine of what must be the weirdest looking Iron Man I've seen (I think it's Iron Man right?) It was so bizarre I had to buy it just to take home and examine...and perhaps give it a couple of mods. It's a used figure so I got it for a coupla bucks. It's about slightly taller than a 144 Gundam. There's a mecha feel to it, and I'm guessing it's modelled after some obscure manga version. Check out that head folks! Almost looks like a Gundam doesn't it? I had a hundred ideas running through my head about how I can add some armour to the shoulders, give it some details and weapons, and repaint it in metallic finish. Er, when I have the time, that is LOL....I'll be heading to Kaoshiong Taiwan for work next week - Anybody know where to find hobby shops over there? I'm clueless!

The only clue I have about the figure's origin is this picture I found off the Net with not much info attached. Apparently it was for some anime series, but this picture is the only thing out there. Looks like there's actually a mega weapon and backpack unit attached to this fella. Wow that looks impressive!


Z said...

It looks like Iron Man from House of M. But as far as what toyline that thing is from, I've got no idea.

tulispendekpendek said...

Mod it mod it mod it mod it!

^^KC^^ said...

Lol do give it a try :D

Waylander said...

Oh thanks for the info Z! Indeed, it is from House of M. Just posted some pics I found of it from the comic onto my FB page. Man I gotta find this issue!