Tuesday, December 25, 2012

GBWC 2012 Finals

    Sorry for the past coupla days of inactivity folks, as I have been away in Taiwan for work. First up is a belated post on the GBWC Finals which concluded over the weekend. Congrats to all winners! The line-up as follows -

  • Champion: Project Gwen by Eday (HK)
  • 2nd: 1/100 Age Titus by Aristeo Lamig Saavedra Jr (Philippines)
  • 3rd: The Zaku - Return of the J.Ridden by Ko Kwon Chul (Korea)
    To be honest, other than Eday's entry, I wasn't expecting any of the other two to make it into the Top 3. I thought the Japanese had some really good ones. I'm kinda surprised they left their own out in the cold LOL. But you've gotta give credit where credit's due - I think the bizarre Age Titus that looks nothing at all like a Gundam, and Korea's 1/48 Zaku conversion both have their merits in terms of craftsmanship. It's kinda late now to say anything new, and most like Toymaker have already covered it, so I'll leave the ogling of the entries to his post. Enjoy, and MERRY XMAS!!!

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