Thursday, December 27, 2012


    Just thought I'd share one for the archives, after all that Zoids overload we've been having lately. How about we go for some Five Star Stories eh? These doodads are even RARER than Zoids! For some reason, the company that produced them - Volks - does not import outside of Japan. And even in Japan itself, you'll mostly only find them at specialised Volks outlets, one of which I have visited in Akihabara. Man don'tcha wished Bandai or Koto would take over the production??? I have three to four of these kits, the injection mould (plastic kits) version, which is their latest line. Most Volks FSS kits are resin, and cost a bomb, so I don't bother. Thankfully, the plastic assembly ones are so rare, and each new model produced so seldom that I don't have much to buy LOL. FSS mechas, or Mortar Heads (MH) as they are known, are about the size of a Gundam. But the Jagd Mirage is three times that. Which means, if you scale it down, the bugger's bigger than a 1/48 Gundam, I think. If you throw in those elaborate spikes from its weapons, they should match the height of an older kid! Is it any wonder that you rarely even see any finished kits out there?...

There's a resin kit I reckon, but I don't think I will be tackling this monster anytime soon!

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