Saturday, December 15, 2012


    This is kinda a random post on a random weekend - I've had my eye on DC's New 52 line of superheroes for a while now since I'm also a comic book fan. It's a revamp with new looks and new origin stories to their flagship characters of the JLA. While everyone gets a makeover, I'm of course only interested in the Big Two - Superman and Batman. (Hollywood, PLEASE make a movie of the duo!) And I must say, for American toys, these are one of the best proportions and styles I've seen so far. Pardon my bias-ness, but it actually looks like they were sculpted by the Japanese lol. I think there is some link between the look of these figures to Koto's own licensed range of DC statues.

Batman gets a sleek makeover with a bodysuit that resembles some kinda armour and cool panel-lining all over. I'm not really a fan of the glossed up cowl though, but overall the look is good. I'd definitely pick this slick rick over the movie version anyday!

Superman's new costume is also a prelude to the movie coming out next year. Glaringly missing are his flaming red underpants of course LOL. This definitely makes the Man of Steel less campy. But due to the neo-Jap look, his face kindaaaaa looks Asian, dontcha think? I'm just sayin'...

This is the complete set of 7, featuring the other members of the gang. I think it retails from anywhere between $99 to $195 in Singapore. (Yeah, don't ask me why the ridiculous range)

Oh and just for the fun of it, I decided to size them up with two other Supes-Bats figures I got a while back, based on Frank Miller's rendition. Haha...the contrast is, mind the pun, comical.

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