Saturday, September 21, 2013

Singapore GBWC 2013 coverage

    So here we are again, folks! On the eve of the Singapore GBWC 2013 at Nex. Submission day is always exciting for me, whether or not I take part, because I get to see some of the entries up close before the acrylic panels go up, and the trembling hands of modellers as they gingerly set up their kits LOL. As always, less words more pics. Lets roll...

And now we come to the Dark Horses....These are a few kits IMHO, who might just come from behind, when nobody was looking, to clinch a spot in the Top 3. You might not even see them coming LOL.

And now....the BIG HITTERS!!! These are the final few whom among which, our winner might lie. IMHO, of course. I'm sure the judges don't care LOL.

    Char's Dream by Derrick Poh. Man Char is having a vivid dream alright..LOL. Nice action scene here with a lot going on. Really fine worksmanship, as expected of a veteran.

Hideout by Jeaf Liang. A Zaku out camping? Really lots of details here, including oxidised armour. Massive, MASSIVE piece. Didn't even know how they managed to fit it in, let alone bring down!

Aesalon by ChocoFalcon.I can't decide if it's a dark horse or favourite, but you can bet your last kit this will probably break into the Top 3 just for its freshness alone. Certainly draws you in doesn't it?

LAST BUT NOT LEAST....Shinigami by MechaMan. Oh boy this one is ripping up the cybersphere and all over FaceBook LOL. It's got everything - details, presentation and size. But who knows? Anyone can win! LOL. Stay tuned!

That's all, folks. Let's end on a hilarious note with this Junior Cat entry, which I think, deserves a special award:



tulispendekpendek said...

That horned Buster really remind me of Big Bad Beetleborg.

DECAY said...

Great stuff. it's been quite some time that i have seen so many excellent kits. Thanks for sharing this.