Friday, September 20, 2013

Singapore GBWC (sneak peek at two hot favourites)

Booya! Sorry for the lay-off guys. Been busy with the new job and then well my photobucket account hit its limit LOL. Anyway I'm back with some juice. The Singapore GBWC is underway, and while actual submission day is tomorrow, some contestants are already putting up teasers online. There are still too few pics to determine our overall standard this year, but two caught my eye, and hell, they even look good going at each other LOL. ~Dingdingding~ *Boxing ringmaster's voice* "On the left, folks, we have Aesalon by Choco Falcon. AAAAAAaaaaand on the right, Shinigami by MechaMan!!" LOL. Are they the top contenders? We'll see when the other entries come out. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, *ahem* here's the HK winner....

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Jayesh Enterprise said...

Really love both of them, so different and unique from each other, wonder which will come out tops!