Wednesday, May 1, 2013

ZOIDS Group Build King Gojulas (Update)

    You know how sometimes you build a kit thinking it'll come out one way, and then when it's done, you take a step back to survey your handiwork and uhhh it turns out another way? LOL. This is one of those times. To be honest I was rushing it, so I didn't pay enough attention to the finished product as I wanted to get the King outta the way so I can finish up on Grimlock and get down to my serious build this year which will be...surprise surprise - a Zgok (but more on that at a later time). So here we are with the paints used up and airbrush capped. My King Gojulas is standing tall and handsome....BUT it turned out bling'er than I expected, thanks to the metallics and numerous hand-painting/ masking I applied LOL. That, and the retro-design and details this kit had (it's a Tomy version, not the updated Koto HMM series), culminated in a rather....interesting experience. I'd liken it to...DISCO. Or psychedelic funk. Electro. Whatever. It's something like this:

    Well okay I was listening to Daft Punk at some point in this build so maaaaybe that had an effect LOL. If you don't know what I'm getting at, here are some peeks. This baby's too massive to take in at one go, and I'll need to set up a proper shoot this week. Till then, get the disco vibe on these:

Fluro reds for the glowy parts. All the more disco, I say!

So after all is done and dusted, I decided oh hell the original tiny pilot figurine that comes with the kit is a chrome gold dude anyway, a trademark of the Tomy Zoids kits. Which made me think once again - Disco robot electrico ala Daft Punk!

So this is what hapened:

Originally intended to do a dio and even pair up Grimlock with this fella, but not enough time to finish Grimlock now, and KG's too discofied anyway, the two won't fit LOL. Aaaaand, he's such a biiiig mofo I'm not sure I can finish any dio to contain it in time....

Proper studio pics soon....

    One more week the the Zoids GB meet and I should be able to meet the deadline, pending no unforeseen delays! I've never done so much masking and hand-painting in my life! Whew. At least this kit let me brush up my hand painting skills, which will always come in um...handy. LOL. Decided to change the spikes to a mean metallic red instead of the original black to make 'em stand out.

    Silver bits add a cool hue to the overall setup and balances out the colours. Here's a confession - I didn't even prime some of the parts. Heck. I didn't even have a base coat of gloss black. Since these bits are black anyway, so I went with silver straight on them. Turned out pretty okay actually. Just don't scratch 'em lol.

Battery pack detailing! Hand-painting is fun only after you've finished and see everything come together.

    Two words: Masking. Hell. So the King Gojulas, being a gigantic Tomy kit with no complex parts, requires tons of masking since that's the only way to highlight details and make it more sophisticated. Word of advice: It is very easy to underestimate how much you have to mask LOL. And that's basically what I've been doing the last coupla days. Still far from completion, not sure if I'm gonna meet the Mid-May deadline, but onward I'll march. Ganbatte!


Steve said...

man waylander i have been following this build on your blog and on facebook as well. this kit turned out absolutely amazing sir!! colors are so vivid and vibrant! shading is excellent and the metallics are blinging for sure!! great work. i look forward to seeing the photoshoot completed!!!

Waylander said...

Thanks bro! It was a fun build. :) But not while I was masking LOL.