Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 April Group Build by Gunplafanatics

    We should have more events like this. This post is for all those who took part in the Gunplafanatic Group Build at HAW today! It was great meeting you guys, sharing ideas and seeing your works live. Too bad not everyone brought down their stuff or showed up. All the better for lucky draw winners, since there are less competitors hehehe. Just ask the lucky buggers who won a limited edition MG Blitz and MG Nu Ver. Ka. YES you read right. Those were the lucky draw prizes. (Wished I had taken part.) Without further ado, here we go, awards first:

1st PLACE - Kel Vici

    What can I say? Awesome gloss finishing and ingenius marble texture effect. You thought it was a hand-phone case decal kinda thing rite? Nope. It's much simpler than that actually. No special material required. Winkwink. 

2nd PLACE - ChocoFalcon

    Definitely one of the up and comers to look out for on our local scene. Choco won Best Newcomer at last year's GBWC and has been leveling up his presentations. This is one of the rare weathered kits I saw in the GB. Nicely done dirty look and compact dio.

3rd PLACE - Jack Chua

    Very impressive and eye-catching gloss finishing and colour scheme here. Kinda has a royal, feminine, yet deadly look. Me like.

    Don't forget the cute guys. Jack scores again for Most Creative with his Terminator-Pikachu.

4th PLACE - Jeong Fok

    Watch out for this fella too at the yearend GBWC! A really creative conversion of the G-Bouncer in /100 scale. Nicely done colour toning for the whites and greys. Lots of potential for further add-ons to this kit, if ya ask me. 

5th PLACE - Kheh Hong

    Excellent gloss finishing and I totally dig the LED beam sabre. Throw in a killer pose and this baby's lookin' good, even without a base. The Gyan is definitely a sleeper hit kinda kit. Someday I'm gonna try doing one of my own man! 

And not forgetting the MERIT winners:

Grand piece by Jayesh. Nice variation of the white to pastel purple.

One of the few non-Gunpla pieces by Johnny Wee. Replication of the original colour tone to perfection. It's not easy to have an eye for that milky white.

And then there's the Sponsor's Favourite - a Seven Swords Double ) by Ng Chun Da.

Last but not least, everyone's work is worth showing give they have put in the effort for this GB. Non-winners, kudos for bringing your kits down for display all the same! Sorry I didn't get any chance to speak to all of you fellas. Hope to see you guys soon and check out your next works!

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