Thursday, April 4, 2013

PACIFIC RIM (Movie preview)

    So what do we have here? At last!!! A giant robot movie not called Bayformers LOL. I still dunno what to make of Pacific Rim, an upcoming summer blockbuster that looks to be this summer's major hitter and every mecha fan's wet dream. What's it about? Giant friggin' monsters called Kaiju (which is actually a Jap term for well...giant friggin' monsters...does that make em Japanese?) invade earth from a an inter-dimensional portal deep in the Pacific Ocean (Pacific Rim, geddit?), and to fight monsters, mankind has to create monsters - enter the Jaegers. Pretty cool name for giant Psycho Gundam-sized mechas controlled by neural link via two or more pilots. Ooooh yeahhhh. We wanna watch it already LOL. Never mind if it's most likely gonna turn out to be a special effects-laden flop with zero plot direction or character development. Who cares? GIANT. FRIGGIN. ROBOTS!!!
    First up lets review movie posters that have been released. Apparently in the show, each nation gets their own mecha. Well, the nations that MATTER of course. Singapore probably only supplied the spare parts LOL. In order of preference, here are my rankings"

1st: Japan

    I mean seriously guys, who else but Japan right? If this movie were set in the distant future, Japan would already have had a head-start since it's been churning out mecha toys and model kits rite? It's a no-brainer theirs just totally rocks.

2nd: USA
    What'd ya expect? It's Hollywood. Friggin film's made by the Americans and they already gave Japan the best design. Obviously theirs has to come in a close second. Duh.

3rd: Australia
    This one reminds us of Macross. I dunno but there's something very....American about it. It would fit better as the Americans' mecha but oh well...

 4th: China

Of course red is for China right? I actually would tie this at 3rd with the Aussies though. I quite like those spinning killer claws and that red armour. Just not the Wally head.

5th: Russia

Sorry but that mushroom head and outta proportioned fingers just doesn't do it for me. Looks kinda clumsy...

    So there ya go, only five mechs revealed. Not sure if there are more. Where's England's? Or Korea's?   Or the Philippines'? What about the Middle East? All we know for now is that they are BIIIIIIIG:

 They have sexy pilot suits and of course a white guy with an exotic Asian female:

And they are powered like this:

With cool helmets.....

And what about the monsters? We just know they are mother-effin' HUGE. (I think this is a baby):

Meet the Daddy....

Imagine the size of their crap. LOL

   And guess what? The TOYS are already on their way even before the damn movie hits theatres LOL. I shit u not. Found this on Amazon -

    Next up, MEGA model kits maybe?


LEon said...

I thought Japan would have Ultraman or Eva or Gundam....

LEon said...

Anyway Singapore is not in it because it's Pacific Rim. Sg is not at the rim of Pacific. LOL

Waylander said...

Er so isn't Russia i think lol.

QUAN said...

well, Russia navy got a pacific fleet stationed in the Pacific Ocean.

Lemuel Adane said...

And I thought Japan has Voltes 5 or Daimos

Palak Rani said...

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