Saturday, April 20, 2013

MAN OF STEEL (Trailer 3 review)

    Let's take a break from mechs here to explore the latest and third trailer of the Superman Man of Steel movie, flying into theatres this June. Is it a bird? is it a plane? It's.....ONE FRIGGIN' AWESOME TRAILER. Woo. I certainly hope this is not one of those movies where all the good bits are in the trailers with nothing else to shout about in the film proper. But it certainly looks promising.
    What do I like about the trailer and its promise for the movie?

1) This is a sci-fi film. Superman's an alien. Superman IS sci-fi. You can see the technology and shit flying around in the opening scene as we cut into Superman's father on the dying planet Krypton, just as he's sending his son out to Earth. The ending of the trailer gives an idea of the foes Superman will face - rogue Kryptonians (I think?) from his dead planet here to claim him. Super-advanced tech is everywhere. I see mechs and lasers hellyeah!

    2) It's dark, but relatable with a touch of humanity. Unlike the previous Superman flick which was a flop, this one doesn't seem to dive too much into fanboy nostalgia about what Superman should be, but rather, stays truthful to the classic Superman theme - courage, humanity, hope, conquering adversity and fitting in. The fact that Batman's Christopher Nolan is producing it probably has something to do with all this. It's grittier but not Dark Knight dark. It still is uplifting as the Superman theme is supposed to be.

3) Awesome one-liners. They better not have used up their best lines in the trailer 'cos I'm expecting more clever quips! Russel Crowe's "how?" question at the start as he challenges his wife's charge that the people of Earth will slay their newborn son if they knew he was an outsider, sums up Superman's invincibility poignantly. Kevin Costner's "You are my son!" were the four most emotive words in the entire clip, and the "S" debate is just cheekily definitive. To think they even came up with a way to make the corniness of Supe's huge 'S' chest emblem cool.

4) THE MUSIC. Oh man. That shit gave me goosebumps. If you had no reaction to it you're probably dead or deaf. Hans Zimmer is an orchestral genius. From that little solo piano build-up at the start to drums, strings, an entire symphony rocking to the powerful uplifting Superman theme, all the while not even breaking into the original Superman riff ("Der der deeeeeeerrr!!!"), yet staying tantalisingly close, is brilliant. Just. Brilliant. The entire music just says - SUPERMAN. It's hope and power woven into a score. Look out for 1:15 when the light strings, sinister but beautiful, come in behind the rolling beats, starting a grand crescendo that climaxes into the awesome full finale. This shit makes me wanna get up and go do something. Like save the world. LOL.

    I sure hope the movie doesn't disappoint like Green Lantern, cos all signs for this one are pointing to a smash hit. Then of course, there's this:

'Nuff said. June can't come fast enough. Trailer HERE.

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Stephen Saunders said...

June is so far away. the best movie of this year. hands down.