Wednesday, July 31, 2013

HONG KONG GBWC 2013 winners and entries (consolidated)

Lead pic credit: Jeff Ho via Plazone
    Ok fellas, one of the first of the GBWCs in our region has just wrapped - Hong Kong's. Here are the winners. What can I say? Nothing much actually LOL, I wasn't there in person to see the entries, though I would have very much liked to since it was at HK's ACG event, one of the biggest toy conventions of the year. Dayuuum... So anyways, congrats to all winners and current GBWC contestants worldwide, you know who to beat if you make it to the finals in Japan winkwink. Of course, let's not forget the other entries, which are featured here. I didn't manage to include every single entry bcos there are just too many. Yes, the Hong Kongers are an enthusiastic bunch. If only we can match them just on entry numbers alone.....At the end of this post, I will also single out a coupla of my personal favourites. I think these guys deserve recognition even though they went home empty-handed. Not that anyone cares of course, but I do! Photo credits go to Gundam Guy, Gundam Kits Collection and G-Zone.

First, a closer look at the winners: 
1st place

2nd place

In case you can't make out what this thing actually is....

3rd place

And now on to the others!

Last but certainly not least, there are a few standouts in my opinion that I would like to highlight. These are personal favourites. Here we go!

    There is no way you can miss this. What are the dimensions for the HK entries?? This guy is HUGE lol. The rocket-style base is intriguing. Pity that the Wing wasn't shaded more to make it standout. Still kudos to the dio concept and sheer effort for something on this scale! I sure would like to see this baby up close!

So here's a converted Asshimar via many kitbashed parts. For some reason no one seemed to have taken notice of this poor guy and I can't find any better pics. But I like how he improved on an otherwise mediocre kit and blended all the parts in to create a somewhat MG version of the Asshimar (which will probably never happen LOL). Anyone know of better pics please give a shout out.

Love this Meteor unit and the lights! The colour scheme of metallics on flat certainly stands out.

Even comes with a base dio!!

Next up is this Exia. I'm biased cos the Exia is my all-time favourite Gundam LOL. But I like how the modeller included an understated Trans-Am psychoframe into it. Nice touch. Just too bad it didn't come with a dio. Would have made it stand out more!

That's all folks. Singaporean contestants, you've seen the competition. Ganbatte!


vanz najoseki said...

Those are cool entries! Congratz to all the winners.Go HK!

Isaac James Tea said...

what gundam is in the rocket one? I'm surprised that dio didn't even clinch 3rd at the least!

Waylander said...

I am equally stumped bro....But oh well, surprise surprise. :P

Paulo Gatchalian said...

I was looking forward to what Eday would put forward this year..