Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Philippines GBWC 2013 results

    It'ssssssssss RESULTS SUNDAY! And here we have the results for the Philippines GBWC (left to right). This year's theme for the competition, as my friend Krescenhaze says, is "GO BIG OR GO HOME"!!! LOL. Lots of monster entries including...ahem...a monster truck! Oh yeah you read right. A TRUCK. The Filipinos have a flamboyant style in their modelling, as you can see from the kits here. And they are not afraid to go all out. Less words, more pics so you can pore over the absolutely nutso details these guys have. Congrats to all winners! All pics courtesy of Krescenhaze.

Micheal Costa aka. BULASTOG

What can I say? Hang on while pick my jaw up from the ground...LOL. 


A really interesting mobile armour-insectoid type sit with a sleekly creative base.

ADRIAN SICAT aka. krescenhaze

Really interesting mishmash of parts here, with a nicely blended colour. My favourite is the converted sword. Check out his full gallery here.

And now some notables - 

Last but not least, who needs mobile armour when you have - a TRUCK? LOL

For more pics of entries, check out

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