Sunday, October 13, 2013

Malaysia GBWC 2013 Results and overview

    So here we have it folks, our neighbours' GBWC has also concluded, and the results announced. I dare say Malaysia's overall standard this year far outstrips Singapore's. They had four to five pieces which were probably in close contention for the top spot, and I'd say their Top 3 could have been the champion in any other country. IMHO, Malaysia so far, tops the class for overall quality and skill level on the worldwide GBWC scene. Congrats to all, but there can only be one winner, of course. So congratulations to Phoon for his awesome story scene! Good luck in Japan, bro! Without further ado, let's roll...

Results (left to right in pic):
1st: Ronnie Phoon
2nd: Shermen Lim
3rd: Raymond Loke

Windbreaker series by Ronnie Phoon

    This one is an absolute delight to behold! While there isn't any badass mech, there're lots of parts and action to see. And lots of Balls too. I call it a Ball Party LOL. This strikes me as more of a piece of art than an actual model kit. Everything is so painstakingly crafted down to minute details  - A mechanic reading the papers here, and a smashed beer bottle there. Wonderful work of art, I must say! Even non-gunpla lovers should be able to appreciate this masterpiece. It's as though you're looking at some steam-punk scene unfold....some story here that you don't quite get, but feel its quaintness. You can take a hundred shots of this entry and still not be able to capture the essence of it unless you see it for yourself in real life, trust me. For more pics, check out the Plamo forum


    I have no words for this one other than...WOW. Reminiscent of Eday's world champion build last year, this absolute monster is based on a 144/scale Delta, that is tiny but when coupled with extensive bits from kits all over, is every bit as intimidating as a PG-sized entry. I could spend hours gazing at this baby just to spot the parts from various kits he used. Everything is so intricately done, even on the back of armoured parts. You gotta see this one up close to appreciate the full extent of its beauty, folks!

DELTA PLUS by Raymond Loke

    This to me could have easily won it and perhaps even gone on the Japan to be world champ. It has everything - details, presentation, pose, diorama. even has PSYCHOFRAME! lol. Another one of those kitbashed master-pieces that you could stand for hours staring at, trying to spot the myriad of parts used. I absolutely dig that GN archer thingee. The craftsmanship on this is extremely refined as well, but what sealed the deal for me was the brilliant engineering behind it. As you can see, there isn't any support stand for the Delta. It looks like he's really launching off the base while taking aim. That takes some really good skills to conceal the rod in its left leg just to support everything. Breathless....

    And while we've delved into the Top 3, let's not forget the hard work of other modellers, some of whom could have easily broken into the top tier themselves. Here're the notable merits (awarded by who else? ME lol):

The Octopus by Jeff Ho

Gouf by Andy Wong

Next up, just a few more before we wrap. As you can see, it was totally WORTH the trip up to KL to see these babies up close!

    And of course, to leave you with an overview of the week-long expo which wrapped today. There were retail kits galore, Gundam Girls, demos by experts like Erix93, a cosplay Banshee and tons of buyers. The gunpla scene in Malaysia is lookin' good. 

Not forgetting the Ver. Ka. Sazabi that was on display and on everyone's Christmas wishlist, I'm sure...

Oh...who's that blocking the beauty? Outta da way sir!! LOL

That's better.

    Last but not least, big thanks to Malaysian judge Eric (Erix93) and veteran modeller Chee Lam (Old Man) for hosting us. I was there for a day on Sat with ToyMaker and MechaMan, and we sure as hell were not disappointed! 

Till next year!


Phoon said...

Thanks for the share and my sincere apology for not attending you guys on weekend.

Waylander said...

No worries, bro! Congrats on the win and all the best in Japan! ;)