Monday, October 28, 2013

Thailand GBWC results (and the one that got away)

Photo credits: MDC Thailand

    As you know, with any competition, there can only be one winner (or three), and there has to be losers. That's life. With due respect to the winners of Thailand GBWC, they probably all deserve the top prizes. I am sure they must each have their merits to earn them a place in the Top 3. However, there is one entry in there, which I am sure, any hardcore true-blue modeller would have raised his hand for, to argue about its place or lack thereof, in the top ranks. Just one. I don't even wish to point out a few. Just one guy. See for yourself after ogling at the winners' pics, folks, and tell me if I'm over-hyping. At some point you have to sit down and wonder....

    What kind of competition are we in? Is this a scale modelling competition or an art competition? Do you need modelling skills to win, or do you just need a fresh edgy mind? Preferably, you need both LOL. But here's the $300 question, guys...(or $1,000, depending on which country you win in)   :P At which point does creativity negate skills? If you've got 70% creativity but 30% skills, do you win someone who has 70% skills and 30% creativity? How about 90% creativity and 10% skills then? Then again, how does one even measure such things, rite? Another thing - what if your entry is a skill-based entry with one or two flaws, Vs a purely creative-based entry where anything goes? Is it your error of choice to have gone for a skill-based one and fall short of perfect? Should the wiser choice then be an anything-goes build where 'perfection' can mean just about...anything, since's...anything goes, rite? LOL. You be the judge and decide. And fellas...fellas. Don't give me that bull about 'it's not always about winning'. Yeah sure. It's not about winning if you send in an entry that is so-so, and just wanna soak in the atmosphere. If you're a noob, if you don't have much skills but just wanna mingle in the hobby and show off your works. Sure I get that. But if you have serious skills...if you put in the kinda blood and sweat to give birth to a friggin' masterpiece, and you tell me it's just for fun, and you tell me it's okay if you don't win shit and go home empty-handed for your efforts, it's all cool. I've got two words: Screw You LOL. Enough words, more pics. Let's roll...

3rd place

2nd Place


    Congrats to the winners, especially the champ for his interesting fantasy take. Now, let's look at one other lonely entry out there which went completely under the radar, winning not a single - I repeat - not a single accolade.

    Okay. What about it, rite? It's huge, it looks impressive with all that cut-up armour. But is it painted? And what's that half finished maintenance bay it's in? Shouldn't there be more background stuff? It's just a GP01. JUST. A. GP01. In a grimy sepia-toned photograph, that looks nghyaaaaaaaa okaa-aaay. But it's not jizz-worthy. What's the fuss, rite? 


How about a closer look at the WIPs, with some close-ups of the finished product.


Here ya go:

Now...where were we? JUST a GP01, you say? 

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