Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gundam Build Fighters Ep 3-8 REVIEW

"WE, GUNPLARER!!!!!!" Oh yeah. That has to go down as the gunpla quote of the decade LOL. 'Hi, I'm a Gunplarer! How are you?' -_- The best part about this irreverent scene is that my girlfriend walked in on me watching it. And rolled her eyes. Of all the cool fight scenes and meaningful ones where characters explain their love for playing with 'toys', she has to choose this scene to walk in on. Jeez man. Might have been better walking in on me watching porn LOL.
    So in quick time now, let's do this review in bullet points, no particular order:

1) Who the hell is Sei's Dad???? Okay so we know he is like the champion of champion of champions. Super duper Gunpla Builder. And what better suit than the RX to pilot, rite? But what happened to him? I'm still waiting for that back story. Good move Sunrise, I see what you did there...

2) Totally unreal women continue to plague (or grace, depending on how you see it) this series. First, Sei's MILF mom. And then now a chiobu ('babe' in Hokkien dialect slang, for my international friends) who can string the words "Cold Districts Type from 0080" together. Riiiiiiiight. My girl thinks Jesta is a budget airline.

3) I really like these geek-out moments of characters waxing lyrical about their love of gunpla. Ral says he doesn't fight (but I predict that he eventually does). He builds Gunpla to "cherish the anime world". Reiji expounds on how gunpla can "expand our imagination". However they are preaching to the converted aren't they? We're watching cos we're already ahem...gunplarers. If only there was a way to let non-uhhh-gunplarers hear these words of wisdom. Especially chiobus.

4) That school really needs some proper security. In the showdown between Yuuki and our boys, adult spectators seemingly enter the school's hall like it's Walmart. A strange old man, an Italian stud and a weird blondie. Really? I wouldn't send my kid to a school like this. Then again...they DO have a gunpla club....

5) F*ck yeah the most epic scene is in Ep 5!!!! I really like the brutal showdown between the Zaku Amazing and the Build Strike where they smash and shoot each other to smithereens. Hoo-yeah. The fight scenes are quite something in this series, I'll give it to Sunrise. Moremoremore!!!

6) Episode 7 is also known as BOOBIES. LOL. Hey wait a minute. Is this for kids or adults? It's standard fare for a beach scene and big-chested females in any anime, but really? Sei on the beach, staring at his mum's...chest. Man, I know there's Hentai...but that's kinda off for a Gundam anime no? LOL. A kids targeted one at that. Wonder what Mr Kawaguchi has to say about it. And speaking of Kawaguchi....

7) Mobile Armour does NOT guarantee a win! That's right fellow gunplarers! Bandai is sending you a message. Can you hear it? LOL. In fact sending you a message is not enough, they had to place Kawaguchi in the show. I swear I heard them mention his name in Ep 8. And hear hear, Kawa is telling you: You can build the biggest, meanest sonafabitch armour like an Apsaras but two little mobile suits can still own your ass. Be warned.

8) I have to buy that MG Astray Sengoku. JUST TAKE MY MONEYYYYY!!! Oh yeah, that is one bad boy. I've always had a thing for the Astray, and wow I can see so many Samurai mods with this baby. Just get a Musha and kitbash it into some Samurai Mobile Armour, why not? But don't forget Point 7! Winkwink ;D

9) Let's see more of this weird gunplarer. Aila is obviously an allusion to Innovators/ Newtypes etc. But they didn't show what her kit can do. I'm not so sure about the aesthetics of that Q though. But you got me there once again, Sunrise. You got me in suspense. This better be good. I wanna see more of this chick. And by that I don't mean beach scenes with her in bikini...I mean her kit dammit LOL.

10) I really don't get Reiji's role in this story. Okay so there's a hint he's some New Type from some colony. Maybe he will 'awaken' like Setsuna and his Gundam will go all TransAm FullBurst Destroy Mode apeshit. But what has he gotta do with Gunpla rite? HE'S NOT EVEN A GUNPLARER!!! LOL. He just pilots whatever Sei builds. I think I would feel more for one protaganist whom I can relate to as a modeller, but they seem to have split a lead into two characters. So Sei's the master builder and Reiji is the ace pilot. How does that translate into our real-life hobby? If I'm Sei, does it mean I need a friend like Reiji to bring my kit down to GBWC and display it???? LOL. Okay we're reading too much into this...Cmon it's a series about toy robots who come to life with some mumbo jumbo GN-like Plavosky particle rite? And babes who dig gunpla and big-boobed MILFs. I concede, I concede.


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zetag said...

"And hear hear, Kawa is telling you: You can build the biggest, meanest sonafabitch armour like an Apsaras but two little mobile suits can still own your ass. Be warned."

This series is a big surprise for me, at the beginning I thought it was the usual series for children, but OMG! IT'S AMAZING :D