Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jesta High Mobility WIP update 5 (FINAL!)

Just some updates with studio-quality shots courtesy of Toymaker's lightbox LOL. Sorry guys, been busy so will only have time for a proper full-out shoot with action poses this weekend or so. Till then, enjoy! 

    AND's finally DONE! I think I'm gonna collapse from exhaustion lol. Was rushing this baby the last week just to make it in time to dump it at HAW tonight for the Group Build event tomorrow...which I will NOT be attending. Yupyup I'm going to HK for a holiday folks! Whoopeeee! And studying my mission report 2 yrs ago for some hardcore toys hunting again LOL. But it sure would be fun to be part of the action tomorrow :( Anyway, Toymaker will keep me updated with pictures of the festivities. When I'm back next week, I'll do a proper studio shoot for Vicious Angel VA-009 (Yes that's what he's called LOL). Until then, please bear with these sub-par photos :P


    This will be a final WIP update cos I'm gunning for the FINAL PUSH to wrap this baby up by Thursday for the Group Build!!! Wooyeah. Anything else I could say? I'm pretty satisfied with how this turned out. It's actually one of my most detailed builds to date. I toyed with the idea of just bringing it down primed but then there are too many parts that need to be glued post-painting, and I wasn't comfortable with leaving it there in primed form and the bits just blu-tacked on. Yeah, I won't be around for the GB unfortunately....Have a flight to catch to HK (WOOHOO!) Trip was planned in advance, didn't expect the GB to be pushed back due to some unforseen circumstances with venue. So anyways, this bad boy will be making it down without me come Saturday...hopefully in all its completed glory...And oh in case anyone's interested, psssst, I think Vicious Angel (as he is now officially called) will have a back-story that is related to Morrigan. Yeah. Remember that guy? lol. Winkwink. Till the finished product!


    Whew...I'm happy with the progress but it's time-consuming with the amount of details I'm throwing onto this piece. It's not something you can stop at because you can't have one part detailed and other parts bare, no? LOL. So the last two weeks, I've been working on duplication of the arms, after touching up the head. Duplication is a mind-numbing part of gunpla mods because you're repeating the labour you put in for the same part just earlier, but you already know the result so the novelty of it is gone. Some of y'all will know what I mean....But a gunpla modeller has to do, what a gunpla modeller has to do, rite? Ganbatte!

Started with more details on the lower arms. BOOM one side done!

Moved on to replicating the shoulder for the right side...BOOM!

Replicating the arm for the right side...Zzzzzzzz

And then I realised I wasn't satisfied with the collar armour, so it needed to be detailed up.

And now the other side...!~


    Sometimes an entire part can take up the weekend...which was what happened to the head, since I was drastically changing it's drone-like bulk into something sleeker to suit the slasher theme.

First up, secured the ear-pieces by bashing another part. I can't even remember where they came from LOL. Koto bits for those fan-blade internals.

Top of the head was kinda bare so I wanted some nifty details. Plus, some gaping uh...gaps that had to be filled with the new shape. Cut and paste, sand. Repeat. And repeat. Redo. Repeat.

 Lookin' good...I hope LOL.

More scribing....ZzzzzZzzzz

Beefing up some calve details...

Had to cover the gap from torso extension in his mid-riff. The remedy - Armour layering.



 So some updates as we head into the weekend!  On the modding front, nothing much but I'm quite happy with the segmented armour layering effect for the otherwise very bare thighs....Just some pla-plates to sex it up a tad.

  I found this badass Koto gun in my stash. Can't even remember where I got it from. It splits into two guns. I really like the look of it. Gonna see if I can incorporate it into the Jesta's weapons systems.

Cut up the collar armour to segment in and raise the sides for a more streamlined look. Can't see much now so we'll have to wait for better pics. ;D

    Enough about GBWC ranting and theories LOL. I didn't even take part so who am I to talk rite? ;D Anyway, my pet project of the moment is a Jesta build meant for a GB that got more and more serious as I went along. Eventually I'm feeling like I'm working on this piece like it's the GBWC again although that ship has long sailed! But just cos it's a GB doesn't mean I can't go all-out on it rite? So the intention was to break up the blocky stout shape of the Jesta, a beautiful kit in itself. I wanted a sleeker, more elegant profile to it so - lengthen waist, raise feet, broaden shoulders. I'll call it....Jesta High Mobility! Watch this space for day to day updates.

Shoulder panel details...

Wanted to enlarge the shoulders by adding heat sinks to them to give it the perforated look.

With a lid?

Arm detailing.

Believe it or not I spent the most time on this nasty lil' piece in front. What the heck rite? It's the chest tip. It's the flagship point on a torso that people look at. Deserves some working time.


Going down South!

Before all the mods started I primed the whole thing and decided that a pair of pistols (from Strike Noir) actually sexes up any kit, dontcha think?

Guess which part? LOL



Francis Chung said...

Give him a sword and you will have Jesta "Dante"... :D

Unknown said...

Wah, somehow my first impression is it looks like a Patlabor variant. Hehe. Thanks for sharing the WIP. Great stuff!

burn! said...

Great Build!!

did you make your own heat sink detail or is it from another kit?? can you tell me which one??

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Unknown said...

How did you make the backpack? Love this build. Awesome job.