Monday, November 21, 2011

GBWC 2011 M'sia (Coverage and results)

    WOW it seems results from around the region are flying in left right and centre! I've just gotten permission from two gracious people - Zero G members Wax, and Becky Law to use their pics of the entries over in Malaysia, when the results there got announced. From the pics alone I dare say the standard of kits in Malaysia is better than ours! So if any of you haven't already heard, here's a lowdown of the Msian entries, and the grand winner who'll go to Japan for the Finals (above). A sublimely weathered four-legged monster Kshatriya by Jeff Ho. Congrats bro!

   Sweet build by Jeff huh? Alright besides the grand winner himself, lets also give due credit for the efforts of all the other entry owners. Lets roll:

A nicely detailed build that seems clean on first glance. But if you scrutinise the colours, there's actually some subtle shading in those purples. Exquisitely executed!

One of my favourites. A nicely weathered Acguy in its underwater domain. Nicely done, corals and all! 

Lots of weathered masterpieces.

A really interesting, sleek and sinister build. 

Delta if Amuro repainted it. lol

Some bad-ass guns included.

As always, the CUTE STUFF!

Another favourite of mine. Once again, nicely weathered and posed. Lots of action depicted here!

A really interesting piece. If Sinanju was the stuff of nightmares, this would be what it'd look like:

    That's all fellas! With the results fast piling up, we'll soon have a worldwide picture of who the various country reps are that will represent in HK. Stay tuned for more results!!!

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