Saturday, November 12, 2011


 Thanks for being patient folks! And now, with just two days to go, I've finally got decent photos of my entry to showcase. I present to you - Hyaku Shiki Revised. (The Forgotten Warrior)

    This, as you all know, is a conversion from the MG Delta Plus. First up, credit where credit's due - Big thanks to Toymaker as always for his tips and guidance, Izakku81 for advice on the dio materials, and Leon Ku for the support. I'm not sure if this entry is good enough to win anything, but it's the hardest I've ever worked on a kit (rushed this monster out in just under 2 months), and I dedicate the effort to my friends at HAG, and last but not least, the girlfriend, for her understanding and patience these past few weeks. Not many partners would be able to put up with the shit I gave her, believe me. LOL.

   Alright, as usual, less talk, more pics. The story and inspiration behind this kit is HERE if you're interested. The gold sheen on this piece changes with the lighting, so that's why some pics seem darker or brighter than others. But trust me, they're all the same colour! LOL. I'm taking a breather from the madness of the past coupla weeks so no more gunpla for a while! Whew. Sit back, relax, and I hope you guys enjoy the work. Let's roll:

A bit of playing around with colours for a Before-After comparison -

Till next yr!!!! :P


mobile_suit said...

bro, its an awesome piece! great modifications you have there! good luck for your competition! (^.^)V

Waylander said...

Thanks bro! :)

~> .|[@H zHaO]|.<~ said...

Nice! dont worry, it will definitely win you something!

btw how did you make the base? any tutorial? TIA ^^

DC Suratos said...

WOW! Handsome build Yi Hui! :)

LAWLIET said...

damn!! this kit is awesome bro!! very nice !!

Jayesh said...

Oh my gawd waylander this is awesome. The gun is just spectacular. I hope you something this year! My entry gonna be dam fail when put next to yours!

tulispendekpendek said...

The effect on the inner side of the cannon thingy in so OMGAREYOUSERIOUS cool!! This warrior shouldn't be forgotten!

Frøg said...

Does it still have access to MA mode?

Waylander said...

Thanks fellas!

The base is done using a mixture of putty-like stuff that you can buy from art shops. Then just apply colours with airbrush like onto your Gundam.

Jayesh, thanks man and no worries everyone has to start somewhere. Do say hi if you see me at Compass Point today! :)

Frog, sorry but it doesn't transform any more, I'm afraid. LOL. If I had to engineer it such that it can still transform, I'd probably need another year man. Hehe.

DarkWorkx said...

Do you think the design of this kit fits on 00 qant? i love sharp edges and blocky parts :D

i really love this monster.

Waylander said...

Hi DarkWorkx, I think sharp edges would work on the Qanta, esp for shoulders. Blocky parts, maybe not as much. Cos the design of the Qanta is meant to me more sleek. Hope this helps! :)

Marcus Ng said...

the overall shapes and proportions are really really awesome!!