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The story of trinity

    While I'm working on the Exia to a stage where I'll have blog-worthy stuff to post, here's a little story I made up last year to complement an awesome Bakuc entry by Toymaker and some friends. Their build was Trinity. I'm sure it needs no introduction. This was the world champ for the Group cat last year. Comprising three highly modified MG Sinanjus, I thought a side-story was in order so I wrote something for them. And since I now have a blog, I might as well re-publish it here. So here's the updated edition of the Trinity saga. It won't win any Pulitzer prize, but I hope it's entertaining enough....Enjoy!

Adapted from the Gundam story-line by WAYLANDER

Case File 001808 Origin: Unknown Information: Classified

The Legend of Trinity is based on a secret war thought to have been fought between the Federation and a long-forgotten colony, right before the advent of the mobile suit known as the RX-0 Gundam Unicorn, which has more sinister origins unknown to most. The 'uni' prefix denotes a 'unification' of three core mobile suits that preceded the Unicorn. Thus - three unifies into one. Which forms the backdrop of the Trinity saga.

U.C. 0095. Two years after the events of Char's Counterattack, and one year before the Unicorn saga....

    Anaheim was developing improved psycho-frame systems, still largely in infancy stages. Under a nervous climate of unstable peace, an obscure New Type Colony with origins related to the neutral Side 6, launched an espoinage mission and stole the psycho-frame plans, as well as the blueprints of a prototype MS later came to be known as the MSN-06S Sinanju. Newtype scientists of the Colony cracked the psycho-frame technology and found that it yielded awesome power. They would harness it for self-defense. Three suits modeled after the Sinanju evolved from this endeavor - Niddhog, Tiamat and Bahamut. Together, they were codenamed Trinity.

The Federation eventually discovered this, and deployed forces to deal with what was perceived as a legitimate threat to Earth. The more Fed intelligence found out about Trinity, the more there was paranoia about the immense power now lying in the hands of one minor New Type colony. As diplomatic negotiations broke down, Earth sought to reclaim the stolen and improved technology by force.

The resulting battle was one of the shortest, yet devastating war humanity has ever fought since the Amuro-Char era. It lasted only one month, and it was highly contained. Few got wind of it because covert forces were used by Earth, and battles were fought mainly on Colony territory.

It was a watershed event in terms of mobile suit combat. Never before has mankind witnessed the full extent of the power from a psycho-frame enabled MS such as those from the Trinity trio. Each designed with different combat capabilities, they wielded unmatched weaponry coupled with the enhanced reflexes of Newtype pilots. According to battlefield folklore, Trinity took out an entire armada of Fed special ops forces more than triple that of the current Londo Bell unit - Four Ra Cailum class battleships, six Clop-class cruisers, and a 50- strong MS squadron. Another account claims that Trinity vanquished two prototype mega mobile-armours the likes of which have never been seen again.

When it seemed Fed forces were no match for the Colony, a grave flaw was discovered in the new and fragile psycho-frame technology that Trinity used - The system was unstable and incompatible with the extreme battle capabilities of the fearsome suits. Trinity's pilots were under great stress, and their bodies and minds were breaking down. With temporarily superior technology, Trinity made its last stand on one of the Colony's few surviving bases, going up against the full wrath of Earth's forces.

In the end, despite the might of Trinity, the Federation wins the war at a heavy cost by outlasting the withered Trinity pilots. Earth's reprisals against the Colony were swift. Its entire population was ruthlessly wiped out. This gross destruction however, was kept under wraps by an elaborate system of government cover-up. It was the most secretive genocide mankind has ever committed.

Fearing that there will be political fallout should atrocities ever come to light, all information and case files on the war, now known as the'Trinity Crisis', were clinically purged. All except the psycho-frame technology (PF).

The re-captured PF technology was incorporated into the blueprint of a new MS under development – The RX-0 Unicorn. It was found that by combining certain permutations of Trinity's systems into one cohesive mainframe, the issue of instability was resolved. From the ashes of Trinity, Unicorn was born.

Except for the legacy of Trinity, no one remembers the name of the fallen Colony, sworn to secrecy and buried under layers of conspiracy. Some say that each of the Trinity MS was even more powerful than the eventual red Sinanju that Full Frontal came to pilot, and in fact, superior even to Unicorn.

Such unprecedented power cannot possibly be controlled, and hence, Trinity's short-lived existence. Others say the entire myth was just a fabrication by Neo-Zeon forces, propaganda to sway public support for Earth's government and throw mankind once more into the grip of war. No one really knows if Trinity ever existed, but its legend remains alive in the echoed whispers along hallways of top military officials and late night bunker chat amongst pilots..... 


Case File 001809 Origin: Unknown Information: Classified

While little is known about the Trinity Crisis, specific data on the legendary Trinity suits began surfacing in U.C. 0096, right about the time of the rise of Unicorn. These contain technical information thought to be the actual specs of the three mythical Trinity MS - Niddhog, Tiamat and Bahamut. Federation scientists have dismissed the files as fabricated information, as the weaponry purported far exceed anything that current MS technology can achieve. Believers however, are convinced that these are actual leaked information of Trinity's specs, proving that the myth was once reality.

The purple MS, fastest of the three, is said to be the leader of the pack. Often deployed in close combat, Niddhog rarely utilised its beam sabre, opting instead, for its primary weapon, a devastating beam lance that could pierce through the thickest armoured hull of any Federation starship. Niddhog was supposedly responsible for the destruction of a majority of the Fed ships. It's stylistic design is said to be fashioned after medieval warriors of ancient Earth called knights. Because of this, it was also known as 'The Purple Knight' to enemy forces.

Model No: MSN-06 N Sinanju Unit Type: Newtype use mobile suit (Close combat type) Overall height: 22.6 meters Base weight: 25.2 metric tons Power generator output: 4000k Sensor radius: 22000 meters Maximum Thrust: 130000 kg Armor: Gundanium alloy Armament: Beam lance x 1, beam saber x 2, Shield x 1

Trinity's heavy artillery specialist was a green MS called upon to rain hell on the enemy even before being sighted. With its heavy armour, it was rumoured to be the most indestructible of the Trinity suits. Tiamat was peerless in long range combat, its mysterious particle beam cannon said to be connected to the MS's psycho-frame technology. No beam weapon of Earth's forces could match it in terms of accuracy and potency. It is not known how far Tiamat's awesome firepower can reach, but the cannon fired a beam that could stretch 100 metres in diameter, obliterating anything in its path.

Model No: MSN-06 T Sinanju Unit Type: Newtype use mobile suit (Heavy Artillery type) Overall height: 22.6 meters Base weight: 30.2 metric tons Power generator output: 4500kw Sensor radius: 22000 meters Maximum Thrust: 128000 kg Armor: Gundanium alloy Armament: Particle beam mega cannon, beam saber x 2, Missile pod x 2

Said to be the most powerful and terrifying MS of Trinity, Bahamut was the harbinger of death for Fed pilots who witnessed it. No enemy who saw Bahamut apparently survived to tell the tale. Up till the final stand of Trinity, all accounts of this demonic suit were third-party rumours. Even though it was rarely sighted, the Bahamut left distinct wreckage in its wake – horrific lashes to ship hulls and MS armour, indicative of its deadly heat whip and fearsome claws. Because of its characteristic wings, the Bahamut was given the ominous nickname – 'Angel of Death'.

Model No: MSN-06 B Sinanju Unit Type: Newtype use mobile suit (High-mobility type) Overall height: 23.0 meters Base weight: 28.0 metric tons Power generator output: 4000kw Sensor radius: 22000 meters Maximum Thrust: 128000 kg Armor: Gundanium alloy Armament: Heat whip x 1, beam saber x 2, Shield x 1


Gundam Gunso said...

Great story! It seems that this trio would eat up Unicorn in an instant XD

Waylander said...

Thanks! Yup I would think so too. hehe. After all they're Unicorn's ancestors.

vanz najoseki said...

wow...!! that is quite a story...very nice..and very great concept on the ''TRINITY too..:)

I added your link on my blog list..

Glad to have met you on MAC anniv. party..!!

Waylander said...

Thanks Vanz. I try to entertain with my writing in between bouts of gunpla. Glad you liked it. :)