Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Okay so I'm probably a generation too late but at least it's a start! This will be where I share my Gundam builds and thoughts. Hopefully in time, this blog will grow to have an audience. Watch this space...

For starters, lets begin with some pics from my most elaborate work so far - a PG Astray Red Frame with dio for the 2010 Bakuc that came in as Best Newcomer. I'll provide a little commentary to the pics as they go along. Special thanks to my friends Toymaker and Leon Ku for their guidance and advice. And also to Adrian Lim for his help with the photo shoot. Enjoy!


 I went with the all-white get-up after some feedback from friends to give it a fresher scheme compared with the original. Decals are custom-made and ordered online, mixed with some from other kits. The mecha itself wasn't anything fantastic in terms of mods as this was one of my earliest attempts to go beyond OOB (out-of-box) gundams. I also spliced the flight pack of the PG Aile Strike on the Astray. 

I cracked my head quite a bit thinking of a suitable diorama for this monster, and in the end settled for the stacking of Koto bases for an abstract look. A bit of molten damage from the Astray's sword slashes was added in for dynamic effect.

The flight back of the PG Strike was connected to the Astray by a simple metal rod drilled into place for support. Some parts had to be trimmed down for size. Then throw in a fresh red-white colour scheme to match the Astray. It sure as hell looks like the Singapore flag now! How poignant this post is made on National Day then, LOL.

The tricky part - painting the gold on the sword bits. I wanted to strip the original chrome plating, even for the blade, and repaint the whole bugger but after some test runs on chromed spare parts, there was NOTHING I could find that stripped the factory-chromed paint properly, so I simply painted over the original surface, which turned out fine with some masking...whew.

A raw shot of the finished product in my 'workshop'!

The studio shoot, in full blades-wielding flight. Not good enough for a Top 3 placing, but I'll take what I can get for Best Newcomer. Better luck next year! 

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KH. Koay said...

Hi, nice red frame with flight pack. Just one question: Did you have to remove any parts of the RF to get the flight pack on? thanks.