Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Here's a piece of work that is more uhhh....mainstream. A pimped up smurf!! Basically, the smurf movie marketing folks had some charity auction going on with my company so they got a few employees to soup up smurf figurines in whatever manner we desire, display them at Bugis Junction, and hope that somehow, we can convince the public to buy it. So here's mine (Apparently, some people are bidding for it, believe it or not). Behold, IRON SMURF --

Well....not exactly a work of art by pro Gundam modellers' standards, but good enough for a two-day rushed job lah. In case you're wondering where some of the parts came from (I merely glued on robo parts onto the blardy smurf), they're from this hideous little thing:
Yup, ain't he ugly....Oh and that wasn't the only time I had anything to do with this fugly toy. I actually practised my Iron Man conversion on it before:

And as if that wasn't enough, I had to make him a partner:

But you gotta admit they kinda look good together:


ADRIAN said...

Love the Ironman bears!

LAWLIET said...

just wanna know what paint/paints did you use on bearguy war machine? thnk u