Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coming soon...

Thanks to a friend who bought the kit, I had my first scrutiny of the latest MG - the Delta Plus - that came out only this week, and I must say it's a nifty-looking mutha! I'm definitely getting one of these babies. Maybe two...Heh. The head design is pretty detailed, and its entire form is sleek shit, to say the least. Definitely one of the better cannon fodder type kits to come out of the Gundam pantheon.

On the personal front, it's been a busy week at work but I've settled on two projects that will see me through till the end of the year. One's an MG Exia commission build, which will take priority and should be completed in about a month's time. The client wants a grey scheme for this, and I'm still planning the right shades and combi. As far as MG kits go for the 00 series, the most work and thought has definitely been put into the Exia by Bandai. The MG version is way more elegant and detailed than its NG counterpart, although it does have some pesky fragile bits you need to pay special attention to. This here is just a generic pic from the Web but I'll post actual WIPs over the next coupla days. I'm currently only at the sanding stage. ;P

The other project is the biggie. Which is my entry for this year's Bakuc. I haven't started on it yet, but I'm glad to say at least I've finally decided on what to do after much mulling around for the past couple of months. To keep the suspense (and of course spies at bay!), I'm unable to reveal what it is at this stage. But IF i can complete it in time come November, it will be pretty big-ass, lets just say....I hope it's momentous too, given the day I decide on what to do is also my birthday. Lets hope this means luck for the competition! lol. Other than that, I'm not too stoked on turning 31, if ya'll know what I mean. :P

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