Monday, August 22, 2011

Exia (Shadow scheme.) Commish WIP 1

    Finally lets get down to real business again - GUNDAM!! Remember that commish Exia I mentioned previously? Well it's finally sanded down and ready for priming. I haven't really figured out the exact tone and shades for the armour yet as my client just wanted something in grey. He wanted to model the colours after American resin modeller mtomczek's Strike:

    So while I brainstorm the proper shades and combis of grey to suit the Exia design I'll start with the easiest bits for painting first, which are the internals. The aim is to get a muted down and shaded silver to give it a weighted metallic feel, rather than just pure all-out bling, as I'll leave that for the blades. For the silver, I premixed it with some Gun Metal to dim it down a tad.

Gloss black was used as a base. With metallic internals I usually do away with priming and whack on a base coat of gloss black. The Gaia series of EX-black bites pretty well to surfaces. No primer means less layers, which means a smoother finish, which is what you want for metallics. Also, less layers means your joints won't scrape against each other as much when the paint is too thick, resulting in annoying flaking.

A bit of shading to give the metallics some weight and depth.

    I managed to finish painting all the internals in one evening. Whew! Next up, the fun part. Painting armour! :P Stay tuned...

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