Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PG Double 0

All right folks, next up is one of my favourite pieces....This was one of my earliest 'serious' works where I've more or less figured out how to use the airbrush and build a kit. This was done about two years ago, and still remains one of my favourites, as it was only after this that I realised hey, I could produce some display-worthy work. That gave me the confidence to commit to this hobby.

Where're the wings or the Raiser unit? You're proabably wondering. Err...I didn't have time to do them. And the PG Double 0 is a pretty clunky fella. Unless I could mod it, I didn't like the look of the wings when attached to the mecha so I left those out. Okaaay so maybe I was lazy. :P

I went with the designer colour version - pastels - and decided to top it off with a gloss coat. I used Gaia Fluoro top coat. Really good stuff that settles evenly, but beware of a slight bluish sheen, which is meant only for top-coating metallics. But what the heck I winged it anyway and it turned out fine.

The side circles on the limb joints were coloured with metallic green on the inside to give it a 'glow' feel. I sacrificed the stickers that came along with the kit. Stickers are just not my thing....ick.

Most of the decals were ordered from Samuel Decals, custom-designed. I wanted the designer version decals, in a blue that would match the pastel of the mecha. The twin GN drives were the hardest to paint because they came pre-assembled since they light up. How? Mask, mask, mask!! 

Finally, the base. It's a black acrylic custom piece which I sent for laser engraving to get the fonts and specs as you see here. And that caps this feature folks! Hopefully if I ever get down to doing the Raiser unit, I'll add it up here. Adios!


Jayesh said...

Nice double0 PG! Welcome to the hobby, certainly enjoyed reading your blog.

2 questions:
1. How do u achieve the pastel blue effect? I always see it but my kits never look like that even though i want them to.
2. Where is a good place to do the lazer engraving and how much does it cost?

Thanks in advance!

Waylander said...

Hi bro, thanks for the support. To answer your questions:
1. The pastel blue was achieved by mixing Cobalt Blue and Violet (or purple) from the Gaia series of paint. I don't really have a fixed ratio for it. You'll have to mix it up by trial and error until you get a tone that you like.

2. The laser engraving was done at Tree Wizard at Bras Basah complex 231 Bain Street , #02-93. I think I got it for about $25-$30.

Hope this helps man! Feel free to message me if you have any other queries.

Jayesh said...

Thanks for your reply! All the best for bakuc.