Monday, August 15, 2011

Of Monkeys and a Captain...

    Between now and the next Gundam post, here're just some of my thoughts on recent sci-fi/ superhero movies out in cinemas. I caught Rise of the Planet of the Apes yesterday and I must say it's pretty decent. I never followed the Planet of the Ape series, cos I always thought a bunch of monkeys talking and moseyin' around like real folks just looks and sounds stupid. lol. But this one; this one's different. It's supposed to be the prequel to the series, explaining how apes came to rule the earth. And the way they animated the character's expression - in this case, Caeser, a super-intelligent chimp - outshone even human actors James Franco and Freida Pinto! Somebody give this monkey an Oscar. :P

Okay so the girlfriend didn't really dig this show, but there was just something intriguing about the concept - man speeding up the evolution of another species - that spoke to my imagination. You see, I've always wondered where did WE come from. Have you ever thought about it? Look around us...Every single living organism on this planet is nowhere near as sentient as homo sapiens. Why did we have a fast forward in evolution compared to everything else? Up till today, science cannot explain why.

The crazy UFO folks believe we were created by aliens who visited this planet. Sounds ludicrous but if you think about it, why not? This movie reminds me of that possibility. That maybe just like how, in this film, mankind sped up the evolution of apes who eventually became the superior species on this planet, perhaps millions of years ago some advanced civilization from elsewhere came here, sped up and planted the seeds of OUR quickened evolution from primitive primates. Think about it.....

   Next up is Captain America, baby! Love the show. In fact I think it's even better than Thor! Without revealing too much for those of you who haven't watched it, I think that the movie deserves more credit than it got from local movie critics. Two and half stars? C'mon. I think it's worth three!

Considering we're in a world where cynicism and American hate abound, I think they pulled off the movie superbly, balancing a campy character and realism. It's not easy portraying a superhero with not much superpowers other than an indestructible shield, super reflexes, and a ridiculous American flag as his costume, with a huge 'A' on his forehead and a star on his chest for enemy snipers to aim at. It's not easy to take him seriously...know what I mean? lol. But they did it. Watch it fellas. It's worth your popcorn and 11 bucks....or 7.50...depending on when and where you booked.

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Gundam Gunso said...

I've watched Captain America too. I totally agree that it is an entertaining movie. 3 stars for it!!! XD