Friday, August 12, 2011

Resin RX-78

Since I sacrificed an MG RX for Optimus Prime, I've gotta make it up to the RX, dontcha think? :P So here's a little something to share with you guys - a resin RX Ver Ka. 1/100 conversion, using the inner frame of the  MG RX 2.0 (Yes, I sacrificed another RX! These guys are becoming conversion fodder!!).

The top-left side of chest right next to the yellow collar guard was badly damaged out of the box, and many hours of putty work and sanding were required to repair it and replicate the look on the right side. If you can't spot any difference, then I take it I did a decent job. lol. Other peeves include the slightly stunted torso and ahem...over pronounced crotch as you shall see in the angle pic below. LOL. But the kit kinda grew on me after a while. The only drawback about this conversion is that unlike Optimus, the joints are not flexible and most of the stuff has to be glued into place, so not much room for posing.

Nothing else much to say, as I did not take any WIP pics. Just a couple of end pics to show you the results. Overall, a pretty straight-forward build. What's special is the greyish-beiege colour I managed to conjure up  by mixing random amounts of white-neutral grey and tank brown (if i recall correctly...this was a build from last year!). Enjoy.

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