Tuesday, May 1, 2012


    What did you do on Labour Day? We laboured over Gundams. LOL. Yep here's the lowdown of what went on at HAW today where 19 Age-1 entries were put up on show for a cosy Group Build gathering. This is the biggest GB HAG/HAW has ever organised, and the turnout was fantastic! Thanks fellas for coming down and taking part! We had a blast. Everyone present was asked to vote (of course contestants can't vote for their own kits, duh) and the results were tallied.....Soooo without further ado, let's kickstart this with the winners! - 


    I think it should be called Mac-Age. LOL. This is a humourous piece by Kai Seng. Makes me hungry just lookin' at it. Who's the pilot? Ronald McDonald of course LOL. Congrats bro! 

    This one stands out thanks to it's BFG - BIG FOOKIN' GUN. A really creative meshing of parts for that monster weapon there. And good use of the transparent plastic rod as a stand too!

    I like the effort put into the sheer amount of details on this one! Check out all those wire-meshing and pla-bits. Nice. Keep it up man! Good use of pla-plating for the base too. 

    Of course folks, a GB is not just about the competition, but also a get-together and sharing of ideas/ advice among like-minded gunpla enthusiasts. That is, after all, what the hobby is about. Never lose sight of this fact, people! And thus, in no particular order, I present to you the other creative pieces of works - 

Interesting use of dual-asymmetry here. It kinda reminds me of Two-Face from Batman lol!

    An Age in dark scheme with hyper-bazooka? Why not. The colouring around the calves kinda reminds me of the Titus. 

    The Age that is closest to the original colour scheme. This is probably what it'd look like if Bandai released an RG version of it eh? Nice semi-gloss finish. I like the light blue pastel hue of the torso.

    Age gone bad? Good sinister interpretation here, with Destiny's wings.

    One of my favourites in terms of colour schemes. I like the use of grey tones and red here. Nice touch with the boosters too.

Another dark-looking Age. Where did that Gatling come from??? That is one badass gun lol.

Sniper Age? 

    Titans!! I knew someone would do it in this scheme. Good touch with the mini dio there. Simple but with character.

And if there's a Mac-Age, why not a 7-11 Age rite? LOL.

    Good heavy-duty look on this one with those back-mounted cannons. The shaded tone matches the overall feel too. 

    And of course, who can forget the bling? This is Age-Qanta I supposed lol. Nice usage of extra panel lines to lend more detail.

Red and white usually doesn't go wrong. This one has a nice clean feel to it. 

Purple Age! 

And of course, even though these guys didn't win any prizes, I have a few favourites myself. So here are some self-thought categories I came up with lol:

    I like how the design is pretty much subtle with no major mods, but the earthly shades blend come together well for a good overall matt feel. That monster chopper doesn't hurt too!


This one was Joyce's favourite of the lot. Definitely the most creative. And just look at the sheer amount of effort put into it! 


    A lot of people commented that they didn't notice the digital camo until they looked at it up close. Me neither lol! That's some impressive pattern-work there.

    Aaaand to end this GB, folks, if you haven't already seen it, here are the Amphion (blue) and Zethus (orange) done by myself and Toymaker. Nope, we were NOT included in the contest. This was just for display. :)

    That wraps up our MG Age-1 GB guys! Once again, a big thank you to all those who came down. Watch out for the next GB, which we are already planning for. What kit should it be this time? Hmmmmmmm. Suggestions? Feel free to let the folks at HAW know. See y'all at the next one! 

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LEon said...

With the talent I am seeing here, I am looking forward to the coming Contest by Bandai. Hopefully such talents will particulate to pull up the standard in SG