Saturday, December 3, 2011


    Let's get back to the ongoing Gundam Age series!! I've skipped a few Eps cos I don't wanna bore you guys out with a review for every single show. I'll only talk about ones where there are things to talk about, and Ep 8 didn't offer anything mind-blowing in terms of plot, but it did have lotsa action and new suits. Namely, Age Gundam's brute form - the Titus, is revealed.

   Holy Mutha those are some big-ass shoulder balls!! LOL. So in this Ep Flit meets a bigger, meaner version of the UE, and gets his ass handed to him, before going back to the mothership to restock. What was the answer the Age system gave them? "If you can't shoot them down, BEAT 'em down!" Makes sense, if ya ask me. LOL. And Titus was born.

    My favourite weapon of the Titus is this magnetic rotating disc beam thingee it deploys on it's fore-arm. You don't wanna mess with this big guy in close combat.

    Titus also has some porcupine-beam extensions that it can activate on its shoulder balls...I mean, armour.

    However folks. You know what's my favourite part of this Ep? The G-Exes !! *Applause* Yep our favourite hotshot himbo pilot Woolf Enneacle returns with his own customised MS. If you can't have a Gundam, make something that looks like it, why not? I must admit. I actually prefer the G-Exes to the Age Gundam. There's lots of potential to soup up this kit. I CAN'T WAIT for the MG version...

Besides having a pilot that's a hoot, the G-Exes deploys dual beam sabres that pack a wallop. As Woolf calls them - "Wolf fangs!!" You seriously don't wanna mess with this white bunny.

The 144 version:
    On a side-note, I love the G-Exes, but is it me or does it actually look kinda like the Arbalest from Full Metal Panic? I'm just sayin'....


LEon said...

G-exes look like Optimus prime to me.

Syful said...

Holy Pointy ears! it's Batman!!

mrSeven6398 said...

it feels like Unicorn and Delta Plus

Vulcan said...

They're both designed by the same guy.