Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hot Toys Captain America

   And since it's off-season, here's a non-mecha post - Captain America by Hot Toys!!!! Woohoo. I'm not exactly a huge fan of Hot Toys 'cos their prices are not cheap and there's nothing much you can do with an action figure doll other than to put it on display. But I bought the Cap at the Toy Convention coupla months back when it was available for pre-order at $200, which is a steal by Hot Toys standards.

    Why did I get it? I DUNNO MAN. LOL. Could be that at that time the movie was being screened here and I liked the film. Also...who can resist that blingbling shield. OOooh baby. Although seriously, I don't see how the Cap can possibly do covert missions decked out in that silly outfit and with a shield as bright as that.

Kudos to Hot Toys as usual for their impeccable details:

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Frøg said...

at the risk of sounding geeky, capt does covet missions without the costume. Only when he knows he's about to get into a fight will he switch to his costume(it's under his civilian clothes). His costume was meant to do 3 things: Act as a rally to friendly troops, demoralize the enemy and to draw fire which he could handle. He was meant to be seen and heard.