Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gundam Age EP 9 Review (and stuff)

    Following on the Gundam Age series momentum, I'll get to Ep9 shortly, but before that, I've gotta comment on the preview picture of Generation 2 of the series, which was released by Gundam Guy. And in the background, we see the Age-Raiser Gundam...sorry...I meant Age-2 Gundam!! LOL.

On the left is Woolf who hasn't paid a visit to the barber for a while, but still looking as cool and as himbotic as ever. Our hero Flit, by the way, is on the right. With a MOUSTACHE. Really? Well I guess whatever turns Emily on. Yes, they hook up in the end of course, and the kiddo in front is apparently their offspring. I hear Flit is now the new captain of the Diva, and the kid's probably the Gundam's pilot. Talk about child labour....Would be exciting to see what MS Woolf pilots this time.

    I've also came across this:

    Hmm....probably some development chart taken from an event or scanned from a mag, showing the Age Gundam's evolution. That's a big-ass gun the Age-3 is holding there.

    ALRIGHT so we get to Ep9! Nothing much goes on in Ep9 except that Flit and gang pays a visit to a mobile suit craftsman Old Man Mardona who built Woolf's G-Exes. A minor but interesting thing here. He has a hot purple-haired wife Laraparly (yeah that's her name) that looks more like she should hook up with our handsome Woolf. Lara engages Mardona in some lovey-dovey affection, much to the chagrin of Flit's gang, and professes that she loves him because he's such a geek about mobile suits and is so single-minded about his passion. Now HANG ON A MINUTE. How come none of OUR wives or girlfriends tell us that?????? Somebody get them to watch this episode pls. LOL.

   Okay back to serious stuff:

Then "Boo" they encounter a mean black version of the UE, which is more than a match for the Age Gundam. Show ends with a peek at what the brief encounter with the sleek UE has caused the Age system to conjure - the Sparrow (aka Ninja version). But you won't see it in action till Ep10.

    New MS alert! What's that lime green thingee that Flit and Woolf get into? It's the Shaldoll. Even though it's not at all impressive in combat, I like the strange colour and the name.

    I also caught a peek at another stranger MS in Mardona's hangar that seems to be wearing some kinda straw hat. A Vietnamese MS?!? Lol. Too bad we never see it in action. Looks funky though.

    That's all for now fellas! Still hoping for more non-UE suits to surface in this series that can put up a serious fight besides the Gundam and G-Exes.. Fingers crossed.

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