Monday, December 26, 2011

Unicron (25th Anniversary Special Ed)

    Just like any robot-lover, I've got a stash of Transformers toys to go along with my Gundam collection. I keep tellin' myself that I'll get down to painting the TFs one day but I'm always too busy working on Gundams to start. LOL. So I guess TFs are the lazy modeller's way of buying something off-the-shelf to fulfill an ownership need, and that's that. Nothing else to work on. (Kinda like women's shopping habits, if ya ask me.) A hazardous mentality (for your wallet) too. Ha. But you know wad? It's XMAS so what da heck rite? Hurhur.
    I present to you guys the Hasbro Unicron toy, in enhanced colours for the special edition exclusive only to Somehow I came across it while snooping around the toy shops at Chinasquare today, and caught the shopping bug. :P The size of this thing was just too awesome for me to resist, and I kinda like the details Hasbro has put into this monster. So here's a little Boxing Day present to myself to um...un-box. Let's roll:
    Fully articulated hands are a big turn-on for me. I guess at this scale, Hasbro has no choice but to offer the option. The one thing I do not like about other smaller TF toys are their dead-set hands. At least this problem's not present for Unicron!

I also really dig the massive arms. If I had to armour up a Gundam, this would be a good guide for monstrous proportions. Really gives it an awesome feel of power, not to mention some nice panel lines and details as well. If I ever get down to painting or dry-brushing it, I'm sure they'll look extra cool.

Details details details, baby! More fodder for the panel-line lover's wet dream....

    So what's so 'special' about this edition? From what I know the colour's slightly more metallic and not as plasticky as earlier versions. Also, the biggest change is a fresh head design, which is more faithful to the movie. No, not Michael Bay's films. The TF animated movie from the 80s.

My only gripe is that the back parts - two large curved plates that will form the crux of Unicron's planet mode, and those whip-like extensions, are fix-ons, and they're pretty loose-fitting...

Articulation-wise, I'm pretty satisfied with how the joints work. Given the size of this baby, don't expect any Ninja-flexibility. The arm and leg joints work on a lock system, so it's pretty stable as long as you've got it in a balanced pose.

There's also something for those of you who're into light gimmicks. Unicron's eyes light up when you activate a button on the top of his head. The colour though, is kinda wrong. It should be GREEN! Lol.

And if eyes, aren't enough for you, how about his right hand, which lights up too? 


Bottom-line, this is a bigass monster. I love the proportions and details Hasbro gave to this toy. Even if I don't get down to painting it, you gotta admit it looks mighty fine sitting pretty in the display. Sheer size alone just trumps everything!

Need a comparison? Check out how he measures up against the MG Hi Nu:

Oh yeah, and how could I forget his Planet Mode! But personally I think Unicron packs way more of a punch in Robot mode. Still, just for the fun of it, here's what he looks like transformed:

   Yep folks, I'm quite taken with the Unicron at the moment. In fact toys aside, I'd love to see some really awesome designs of this character on the Net. I did some surfing around and came up with only two favs:

Seen anything else? Feel free to let me know! 

Pussy not included...


tulispendekpendek said...

i think the one that compared to burj khalifa should be in the next movie. must be more 'bay' explosions involved!

Waylander said...

Haha yeah bro! But I think the artist scaled him down a bit. Unicron is a PLANET so he can't just be 1km tall. That's still way too small...LOL.

Anyway, I read your Chevrolet review and comic post. Good job man! Keep up with the work. You'll see that your blog will grow day by day. :)

tulispendekpendek said...

well, you know bay. there must be some variant. like ironhide, he should be red, but he's black instead! haha

tulispendekpendek said...

you understand them? they're in malay, im sorry. hehe. yes, im new to blogging. thanks for reading them sir!