Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Transformers: The Ride (Universal Studios Singapore)

    For those of you in Singapore and the US, here's a pic at what the new Transformers The Ride will look like! It's already up and running at Universal Studios Singapore, where I managed to preview it and get some pics for you guys (job perk). Michael Bay came down for the opening a week ago. I hear the US version is due next year in Hollywood.

        Sorry for the pic quality folks, as these were taken from my mobile phone and lighting was not very conducive. Above and below are the waiting area for the ride, so as you queue, military 'briefings' from the facility are broadcast around you.

    The story - You're all recruits waiting to receive proper induction into NEST, the Autobot-Human military organisation formed to protect Earth against the threat of the Decepticons. Exciting stuff.

    There're even props such as a sample of Scorponok's mean-ass claw. Check out the weathering on that thing eh? Good reference for Gundam modelling. LOL.

    Housed in the Nest facility is a shard of the AllSpark (cue angel music), which you have to protect against all cause, from falling into the hands of Megatron. The Universal folks really spared no effort in building a life-sized display of the AllSpark. See no touch.

Finally, this is your ride - a 12-seater open-top SUV that's the vehicular form of a new Autobot created just for the ride. His name's Evac, and you can see more of him below. Expect a new toy too!

    And now we get to the ride itself. What is it really? It's not a roller coaster, in case you're guessin'. It's actually a 3D simulation ride, so you'll have to don glasses just like for 3D movies at the cinema. Your ride will be sbjected to various bumps and grinds, and sudden movements to simulate the G Forces you're supposed to feel as Decepticons attack and Evac well...evacuates....you guys from the facility, while protecting the AllSpark.

   Ravage jumps on your bonnet, Bumblebee saves your ass and Megatron almost blows you to smithereens is how the ride goes. These pics don't even do it justice cos it's NOTHING like 3D at the movies. These things actually leap out at ya, trust me. 

    And now we get to - Who the hell is Evac?? From what I could tell, he's a sleek new Autobot that transforms into an SUV. Kinda looks like Optimus's younger brother if you ask me. LOL.

Here's a life-sized 5m-tall statue of Evac outside the ride's entrance.

    The sight that greets you before you enter Nest. So is it worth it? Definitely so. Although if you've recently been to Universal Studios, I'm not sure if it's worth the entire ticket price ($60+ I think) just to experience one new ride. It's your call, but it's definitely fun for all.


DarkWorkx said...

wow... i wish i can go there with you guys @_@

Miester00 said...

U mean u pay $60 plus and u can enjoy all the rides?

Waylander said...

DarkWorkx - Anytime bro, we're all waiting here for you to come visit some day. ;D

Miester00 - Yeah bro I think the adult rate should be $60-ish and you get to enjoy all the rides, but of course depending on the day, you might have to queue for quite a while for the more popular ones.