Monday, October 15, 2012

Psycho Gundam by Anazasi (Philippines GBWC 2012)

    While I'm rushing like a madman to finish my GBWC project, here's a little feature on what's going on over in the Philippines, whose GBWC has just concluded. Congrats to all winners, but the entry that caught my eye was this Psycho Gundam by Anazasi, done in the style of Five Star Stories. I thought it was a lock for Top 3 placing when I saw the entry photos, but a shame that it didn't get in. It's a really creative piece and I like it. Pity the feet were not done up in FSS sharp heeled style as well. That would have been the icing on the cake. Enjoy:


vanz najoseki said...

MEGA Thanks for the feature @bro Waylander!!

Well, actually the foot was supposed to be ''High heeled'' same as the FSS kits.It was really my inspiration for the Project. But I come across the ''weight'' issue of the whole ''modified'' kit.A high heeled and sharp tip foot would be the best to look at but it wont stand a chance by the heaviness of the epoxy putty and plaplates combined .The ball joints in each foot are kind brittle. So, I decided to have the ''flat original'' PSYCHO foot instead.:)

I'm really honored for the feature bro! thanks a million.

BlackMage said...

This entry should've won, even an untrained eye could easily judge between this and the champions entry side by side, oh my, whatta decision.

Waylander said...

Ya welcome Vanz! Great job with this, high heeled or no high heeled. :) Keep the works coming man, never mind competition results!

Black Mage, well bro, I think a lotta people would agree with you on this. I gotta admit the results were a bit unexpected. ;I

vanz najoseki said...

It's a great honor to be featured here sir! (humbly vows)

Till next year competition. Thanks a million!

Juliuslim said...

Somehow when the result announced , i thought " oh.. so Vans's psycho actually not participate in philipine this year , maybe other country "
Just stunned. O..o

Anyway, Congrats Vans ! :D

vanz najoseki said...

Wow! master @juju Thank you so much sir!

well..we have to respect the judges decision ..:D
maybe next year we'll be lucky ha ha!