Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I've got a problem...

    I've got a problem. I think I'm suddenly on a figurine streak! This coming only after an earlier post where I've said that Hot Toys' prices are waaay to steep for me, I should be disappointed in myself. But what to do man? I'm a sucker for collectibles, especially of characters and genres I'm a fan of. So with lots of remorse, shame and regret, let's talk about some of the items I'd like to burn my wallet on....


    This is Batman modelled after Michael Keaton's version in the Tim Burton movie, which in my opinion, has the best design to date. It's still an all-time classic to me and captures what Batman is about - dark, mysterious, brooding.

    Why this version instead of the sleeker, more updated Dark Knight by Christian Bale, you ask? Well, if you compare the head sculpts or cowl shapes of the two, I find Keaton's version more aesthetically pleasing. It's got a streamlined look, and really does resemble a sinister bat. Contrast this with Bale's version, and you'll see that for some strange reason the movie designers wanted his head to look more squarish. This gives him the appearance of an ant. He comes off looking like a really pissed off bug, if ya ask me. Not sexy. LOL.


     There have been so many versions of Hot Toys Iron Man that I'm quite frankly sick of it. But I've just got this crazy urge to complete the Avengers set....or at least the main 3-4 players in the Avengers, which means I can't leave out Iron dude. Damn...This latest version actually looks like the Mk V, with only some minor tweaks to the design, and gimmicks to juice things up. The shoulders have a bulkier look with more armour, and the chest light is back to a circle instead of a triangle, and has a deeper 3D look to it. This piece comes out sometime next year, and I've already placed a pre-order for it, telling myself that it will be the last Iron Man I'm buying. The. Last. One. Yeah right. LOL.


     Let's face it guys - Captain America just looks stupid. There is no way in hell you can pull off a costume like this in real life without him looking like a blue and red clown. And yet, I want it. Don't ask. And if I want to complete my Avengers set, I can't leave Capt out. Must...resist....!!! Capt comes out some time this month. Hopefully, stocks run out before I can get my hands on any....LOL.


    Oh man oh man....I've also placed a pre-order for this, which comes out only next year so I figured the spending can be evened out a bit. I never cared much for previous Wolverine incarnations, but the suit for this one just got me. That's all I can say...

                                                            HOT TOYS HULK

        Okay, we're into dangerous territory here....Hot Toys has a massive Hulk figure due soon and just for the sheer size of it - and because I'm thinking stupid himbo stuff like the green of Hulk will look good next to the blue of Capt and the red of Iron Man - I'm contemplating getting this monster. Help.

    Thankfully, that's all for the Avengers. For some reason I'm not too hot about Thor, while Nick Fury, Hawkeye and Black Widow can kiss my ass. I hope it STAYS that way!

                                       HOT TOYS BRUCE LEE ENTER THE DRAGON
    But it doesn't end here guys. My addiction doesn't end here. Recently I find myself flirting with the idea of owning a Bruce Lee display:

    I even made a trip down to China Square to snoop around, and there was a set of this in a shop, sitting there for $330, begging me to take it home. I almost caved in. ALMOST. But I thought the better of it. Still.....sometimes I think about it....LOL.


     Now this is gonna come as an oddity to you guys. A basketball star?!?!? Yeah. I duno why, but when I saw that there was a Kobe 1/6 figure out there with this much likeness and detail, I got interested. Safe to say that I haven't yet bought it, because for some reason it isn't available here in Singapore! Whew.


     When I came across this bit of news, my first reaction was "ABOUT TIME!" Seriously guys, you can't have companies like Hot Toys or Enterbay producing sculpts of pop icons without doing one of MJ. I'm surprised it even took this long!! In fact, I would give up buying the other figures I've talked about just to get my friggin hands on this one, to be quite honest. MJ just reminds me of a time in my life when basketball was the only thing I cared about and things were much simpler and happier. It's not about the man. It's about the time of your life he represents. Deep huh? LOL. Anyway, these pics are supposedly Weibo uploads from one of the Enterbay folks. Enterbay's sculpts are not as exquisite as Hot Toys', but they seem to be right on the money with MJ. Word has it that it's coming out in December. And if they don't bring it here, I'm jolly well ordering it on the Internet, or going to the source to get me one, hell yeah.

    That's all folks. I hope that by rambling about my wish-list, I can at least distract myself from the actual act of BUYING. For now...LOL. All this is just getting way to distracting for my Gunpla. I think I'd best get back to my GBWC project lest I don't make it in time for November. (There's a chance I won't). Fingers crossed...


tulispendekpendek said...

Strangely enough, the only Hot Toys Avengers figure that I want is Loki. And he is not even in the Avengers team. His Gillette theme coloured outfit and gold helmet and horns really appealing to me.

Waylander said...

That's a wise choice. Because Loki's on his own. You don't have to get anything else to 'complete the collection'. Until the next movie, that is. ;P

tulispendekpendek said...

You've give me an idea. I'll collect all villain's figures. You've give me idea to burn my money more. You're evil. LOL

Waylander said...

Oops. lol