Sunday, September 2, 2012

STGCC 2012 (and my spoils!)

    I went down to the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) today to collect a pre-order and snoop around. I like it that they held it at Marina Bay Sands this year. It just feels....more posh lol.  Lets get right into the gravy -

    What's a toy convention without Hot Toys eh? These guys are pretty much a fixture at any event. There are some cool kits I wouldn't mind having but seriously, Hot Toys' prices are a tad too crazy for me, and with collectibles, all you do is put them up in your shelf or take them out to fiddle around with now and then. There isn't much else to work on, unlike model kits. Still, credit to Hot Toys, they have the best sculpts as always.

Custom-painted Iron Man. nice!

Movie Batman at 1/4 scale. In other words - HUGE. I think it's coming for $500+. No thanks lol.

Bat fans, are you ready for this?....I'm not sure if Hot Toys are actually SELLING it. But if they are, I don't think I can afford it anyway. Nor would I have space at home for this monster LOL.

And presenting, the centre-piece of Hot Toys' exhibition (and probably the entire event itself) a battle scene from the Avengers movie!

The Hot Toys 1/6 Hulk as you can see in the dio, is MASSIVE. Pre-orders are out for about $300++....I'm kinda tempted but maaaan I duno. Is it worth it? Hmmm....

Cutesy stuff...

Other usual suspects include Marvel and Street Fighter sculpts. 

Love the dynamism of this Red Hulk!

Dio reference lol...

    And the fun part (for me)! Here are my spoils of STGCC 2012. I suppose not many of you who read my blog are particular fans of the Halo Xbox game series, but I've got a soft spot for it. And finally, FINALLY, Play Arts Kai, which is a more affordable, smaller version of Hot Toys in my opinion, with proportions that suit my taste, came up with the Gold version of the Spartan warrior:

Why did I have to get Gold? Well cos I've basically collected the entire range LOL - 

    Next up, a Hot Wheels die cast super-heavy 1989 version of the Batmobile, which in my opinion, is still the best ever design of the car to date. It's about 30-cms long. I have to thank the missus here. I did not buy it. SHE did lol. I liked it but the $120 price tag was just too hefty. She went and bought it for me while I wasn't looking. Thanks, babe! I guess now I've gotta pay attention to which handbag she has her eye on when we go out LOL :P.

    Lastly for the finale, I pre-ordered this limited edition die-cast Batman tribute to superstar artist Jim Lee. Had to do it. It burnt a $300++ hole in my wallet. Was it worth it? Let's put it this way - if you're not a hardcore Batman fan, NO. Unfortunately for my bank account, I am LOL. And I don't dig the Hot Toys movie version cos somehow, suited superheroes in real-life proportions always look kinda weird - their heads are almost always too damn big. So when I saw this version of Batman based on comic book proportions modelled after my all-time fave artist Jim Lee, I signed up on the suckers list.

For over $300, at least they made sure they gave you some posh packaging!

This baby is about as tall as a PG Gundam, but twice as heavy due to the alloy cast. 

Comes with a gargoyle head for Batsy to strike a pose on.

Bats has many points of articulation, though if you're expecting him to do the Gangnam Style dance, forget it. Batman is done in the style of Jim Lee's rendering in the Justice League series, where his suit is more like armour. If Iron Man had a Bat theme, I'm guessing this is it.

I like the fingers especially because they have triple joints on them. A nice touch.

Batman comes with a cape made out of real cloth which I don't really care for. It doesn't fit very well, and it just looks stiff on him.

    And that's all for STGCC this year! Maybe I might pop back down tomorrow for their final day, although it might be a good idea to leave my wallet at home LOL.


~RoBiN~ said...

Nice loot! :)

tulispendekpendek said...

That Hulk is nice! But look like it lack articulation. But articulation points could make its muscular body look too toy-ish. Urgh!

Waylander said...

Haha yes bro I get what you mean. Damn huh. I duno if I should get it. And then there's the Wolverine with his X-suit. Sweet stuff. And the modern costume Capt America. And Ironman and and......aargggh.