Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is SQUARE ENIX the new Hot Toys?

    While we take a break from Gundam, here's checkin' out Play Arts by Square Enix, a video game company. Their 'Kai' series of figurines stand approximately the height of a large MG kit, and maaaaan, are their designs and proportions sweet. I call 'em figurines rather than action figures, because although these babies come with articulated joints, don't expect any PG-type mobility. These are more like mini-sculptures for the average fan. At this size, I feel they are more comfortable than Hot Toys' 1/6 scale, which is a tad too big (and too expensive) for my liking. So anyway, let's get down to it. I found two new shiny Halo Spartans to go with Master Chief. Yeah!
    If you haven't played Halo, an Xbox game before, these guys probably won't resonate much with you. Their designs are nothing to scream about, but because I'm familiar with the game and the storyline, I have to get these nifties into my collection. So here we goooo

    Next up, we have Batman from the Arkham Asylum game series. I've always been waiting for a Batman in manga proportions, and finally, they did it! Screw the Hollywood designs. THIS is what Bats should look like. I've gotten the original version a while back, but recently spotted the armoured version in stalls. Needless to say that's going into my stash as well! Batman armoured up!

That's all for now folks. As you can see from the first pic, there'll be a golden Halo figurine...I guess I'll have to snap that up as well to complete the collection...poor wallet. And just to end with a laugh, it's got nothing to do with Square Enix, but I've gotta slip this in:



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