Tuesday, October 4, 2011


    While my GBWC project is currently brewing, but at a very slow rate, just thought I'd indulge myself here on a recent action figure I picked up. Sorry Gundam/ TF/ mecha fans, this one's not for you. But I reckon that if you've got an eye for sci-fi robo stuff, there's room for your tastes to expand! :P

  Enter Xbox game HALO. Well the figure I picked up was a beautiful sculpt of Master Chief, the main hero of the game, who comes with sidearms and fully posable joints. (Over 20+ points of articulation if I remember correctly). He stands about slightly taller than your average 1/100 MG gundam. Produced by gaming company Square Enix, I absolutely dig the paint-job and finishes on this baby.

    What the hell is HALO? Case you haven't heard, it's the biggest Xbox game and Microsoft's flagship gaming title. I'm not exactly a gamer, but given that this first-shooter game managed to get me hooked, the quality of play probably speaks for itself.

    To spare you non-gamers too much details, HALO in a nutshell is a sci fi game set in the distant future where mankind has colonised other planets beyond Earth. Then comes an alien invasion bent on wiping out the human race. Known as the Covenant, man's planets fall like flies to the aliens' superior technology. A radical experiment to create the ultimate super-soldier is launched by Earth's scientists, involving kidnapping children, training them and physically augmenting their bodies to fit into a highly advanced armour known as Mjolnir (yeah, that's also the name of Thor's hammer). It's a tough programme, and not everyone makes it, but those who do become super solders known as Spartans, who are sent out into battle to turn the tide of the war. Think elite space commandos. Among them is the greatest Spartan of all - Master Chief John-117.

    Hollywood, please make a HALO movie already goddamit!!! Now you know why my gundam is progressing slowly...!! LOL

   You don't have to play the game or buy the toy, but you GOTTA watch this two vids. Trust me. :

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