Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I elongated the neck so that the head can swivel left and right without obstruction by the collar armour, as is what usually happens with OOB kits. Then just added a bit of wiring details.
    One of the last few GBWC WIPs I'll be posting as I near the final phase and go into tunnel-vision mode guys! I'm about done detailing up the torso of my Delta, as you will see.

    It's the inside that counts. Well...sometimes. You'll see why I've gotta detail up the internal skirt frame below:

    Upskirt!!! This is how the internals fit into the skirt armour, which are able to flip out for a peek inside. Kinky kinky.

    How the hip and waist portion are looking as all the details come together. I've also elongated the waist, so as to allow all that bulk to even out and not have the Delta look too stumpy. 

    Extension of the fin armour behind the head, bringing it up a notch, and adding some internal details with pla-bits. Toymaker has to be credited with this idea. I got the concept after seeing an in-progress EXS of his. You'll see why I'm doing that at the unveiling of the finished product. IF it gets finished...that is! lol. 


seven6398 said...

I see a lot of Unicorn armor added in it.. hehe.. creative kitbash..

Waylander said...

Heh yeah Unicorn has alotta universal parts that can be used here and there. It's a really good kit to have in your stash.