Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Panel-line scribing

   Okay this is just a quick post for one of my readers Darkworkx, who asked about panel line scribing. I found it a bit too cumbersome to explain it at the box chat on the side. Firstly, this video is NOT by me. Just something I found on Youtube. It's also not the ONLY method of scribing panel lines, but I think it's pretty comprehensive.

    My methods are similar, just that I use a ruler instead of the tape, which is faster, but a bit more troublesome if your hands aren't steady or the piece of armour is too complex. I don't think I'm at a level where I'm fit to give my own tutorials yet, so this is just a share-and-show for an interested reader. If you guys have other methods you wanna share, feel free to post here and we can all discuss.

PANEL LINES!!! What would we do without 'em. LOL.

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DarkWorkx said...

Thanks for posting this tutorial!
I really appreciated your effort :D

Lol it was a late reply. i didn't noticed this post

Do you know what's the difference of the Tamiya scriber 1 and 2?