Monday, October 17, 2011


    Okay guys, I've had my weekly dose of Gundam Age. After the second and latest episode, here're my thoughts (Beware - Spoilers ahead!):


    Once again, crisp animation and sharp art win the day. I'm not sure if the artists are the same ones from the 00 team, but I dig the elegant art and animation of this series. Like I said, the Vedas are growing on me. Added to their mysterious 'who-they' aura are sinister designs that look way better in action than static mode as toys.

    The most powerful weapon the baddies have at the moment it seems, are huge shoulder-launched, colony-destroying missiles. Even though I personally prefer BFGs (Big Fookin Guns), this is a nice departure from...well...BFGs.

    And who can forget the mothership - DIVA. Like one reader said - It's looks like a giant core-fighter! lol. But I like how they did it up in Gundam colours. It'll be interesting to see what arsenal this baby has in store later in the series. I'm sure it's capable of much more besides evacuation and launching the Age Gundam.

   Plot-wise, they're still keeping it fairly simple. But surprise surprise Flit meets Girlfriend Number Two (I presume), who will probably be Emily's love rival as they vie for the affections of our hero. (Are you sure this stuff is for kids? LOL)

    Lastly, that little non-descript beam rifle that came with the 144 kit? It apparently kicks ass! We see it used here for the first time, and its bite is waaay worse than its bark, if ya know what I mean. Flit unleashes on a poor Vedas and woah mama!, that little nifty thing looks like it has the firepower to match Virtue's Hyper-bazooka.


    And now, fellas, we get to the other part. The stuff I didn't really like. C'mon guys, you can't be a fan of everything rite? lol. This are just my views. You're free to disagree. First up, we're also introduced to the Age system in this episode. What is the Age system? Well people, to put it nicely, it's a machine that adapts to various battle scenarios and creates parts for said situaion.

    To put it not so nicely, it's basically a giant 3D printer. Yes, the type that prints your resin/plastic kit parts. I'm serious. This is how they design and cut out parts for your kits in the prototype stage. By using a machine like this. Just....probably 100 times smaller!

    Here, we see the Age system produce the kickass beam rifle for Flit's Gundam. Man, if only Gundams were so easily produced. I'd get me one of these. LOL. What do I have have to say about the Age system? Originality, full marks. Cool-ness.....wellllll I'm not so sure. Personally I prefer Trans Am, Destroy Mode or Full Burst anytime.

    Lastly - as you can see I only have two gripes about the series...pretty reasonable eh? - while the rifle is badass, it doesn't look badass. Hell, it just looks like any other rifle from your kit that you'd probably mod or put aside in preference for beam sabres, no? I mean, surely, that giant 3D printer can come up with a meaner-looking gun?

    That said, the series is kinda growing on me (which is why I'm even writing this review in the first place). I do like the crisp animation and artwork, even though I sometimes feel that the kiddy disposition and storyline seems like such a waste for such fine efforts, but time will tell.

    Who knows? I might end up buying all the kits from this series. Lol. Till the next episode, thanks for tuning in.

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Unknown said...

the AGE system certainly offers many possible expansions to the Age Gundam. Hell, it might even take on the 00Q as the 3rd most powerful Gundam ever to be created(first 2 slots obviously go to the Turn A/X). I'm actually very eager to see the mobile armour designs, given that mook MSes are already so cool.