Saturday, October 8, 2011

Songs to make gundams by

    When I was a basketball player for my school, I would psyche myself up by listening to some kickass music just before a game. It may be a song, or a soundtrack from a movie, whatever. You know....the kind that gives you goosebumps....that makes you wanna go out there and take over. The kind that they play in those sports movies, where the team's running past the lockers, through the narrow corridor and into the arena for their make-or-break game, or in movies where the hero and stuff arrives. Hero music. Crap that, as you're taking a shave in the morning and listening to, makes you feel as though your shave's gonna decide the fate of the world, or stuff that makes you feel like you're a genius at work, even if you're just taking a shit. LOL

     As I've often found myself in a rut lately when it comes to my GBWC project, I find that this method actually works for gundam too, believe it or not, and lame as it may seem to the layman. LOL. I turn on some music as I steel myself for another long night of sanding and cutting, and it actually keeps me going. I imagine that I'm working on something really important, or I fantasize about winning the whole damn thing, or even crazier, I imagine how it is if whatever I'm building existed in real life or in a movie like Unicorn, being deployed from a starship, boosters blazing, eyes glowing, the only and final weapon your side has that's capable of going up against the enemy. Nerd stuff...but it keeps the adrenaline going and the imagination healthy.

    So, my friends, what's your tune? What psyches you up? Here are a few of my favourites:

Unicorn OST (Track 5) Mobile Suit 

Transformers 1 OST (Arrival to Earth) 

X-Men First Class OST (Half a Man)

Rob Dougan (Clubbed to Death)

Ludovico Einaudi (Primavera)

Aerosmith (Sing for the Moment)

Michael Jordan commercial (Let Your Game Speak)

Alan parson's Project (Sirius)/ Chicago Bulls opening theme

Got more to recommend? Feel free to share. Bring on the music! :P

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Aulon said...

DUBSTEP is the way to go ;)

anything from this list

i also listen to some rock music and other stuff :D