Monday, October 24, 2011

GUNDAM AGE EP 3 review

        Just came off watching Ep 3 of Gundam Age. I'll say this. This one delivers the punch I've been looking out for since Ep 1. While Ep 1 didn't really have the epic entrance of a Gundam like Setsuna's Exia in 00, this Ep takes the cake in terms of fireworks, battle scenes and character depth.

     This is where we see Flit take the Gundam into some serious action and experiences his first loss of someone dear since his mother died. Yes, someone dies in this episode. So much for a series targeted at kids, huh..? Lol. I won't reveal too much of the plot, save for some screen caps of scenes from the Ep. All I'll say is, the series is indeed shaping up, and it's not so much of a letdown as I first thought it'd be. Then again, it could be a case of no expectations = easyy satisfaction! It's still early days.

    Flit in battle, assisted by 'girlfriend' Yurin. (I do wished it could have been 'Yuri' or something though. 'Yurin' just sounds...well....exactly like what it sounds like...) Nothing is revealed bout her origins or character in the Ep, but she exhibits some 'foresight' that aid Flit in vanquishing three Vedas, hinting that we'll probably see more of her as the series matures, and this is a character with some special ability...

    The Vedas, grow more sinister and challenging with each Ep. But they haven't exhibited any new powers though. I'm hoping for more development and variations of this promising enemy suit.

    My favourite scene of the episode - a flashback to Flit's younger days as the Gundam is still in its manufacturing phase. We're granted a rare look at a 'naked' Gundam. Looks exactly like what the exoskeleton of an MG Age would be like, out of the box, if you ask me.

    Flit's heroic stand against the last Vedas unit, which is intent on destroying the evacuating Diva and its survivors.

    As always, the action does not disappoint. Expect epic fireworks such as these...

    As mentioned, someone dies, and we see Flit confronting his first emotional setback since that scene of him witnessing the death of his mother. Going up against the enemy untrained and having to cope with the loss of someone dear? Quite a lot to ask of a kid....I won't be surprised if he grows up as disturbed as Setsuna. lol.

    The ending scene. I didn't really do my research on this series, so perhaps Sunrise has already introduced this new character, which we are given a peek of, awaking from his sleep stasis capsule. But here's some wise-guy type ace that looks like there's a lot of potential for character development, good or evil...

    All in all, still no glimpse of whether there will be OTHER gundams besides the Age MS. I'm imagining there will be...otherwise, what are we gonna buy, rite? LOL. Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Do you know you could watch it on youtube? Gundam Info is broadcasting it.

Waylander said...

Really? cool bro. will check it out. Thanks

Unknown said...

I have come across the following rumors(take it with lots of grains of salt):

The UE:

Not the true enemies of Flit. They come from 100 years in the future, and are remnants of humans whose world have been destroyed. They return back in time to try push technological advancement quicker, to prepare for the arrival of the REAL enemy. They know that Flit's family produce excellent MSes, and that he has a key role. Thus in Ep. 1, they kill his mother to motivate him, instead of killing him outright, which goes against all in universe exmaples(they kill everything and anything). They know that killing is not right, but it is for the sake of Earth's future.

Yurin also comes from the future, where she's an artificial newtype. She is sent to support Flit and also, to bear his child, which will then become a "Hyper Newtype". She is also designed to have looks that will make Flit fall in love at first sight.

With this, I deduce that Flit is a Hinata fanboy.

Unknown said...

To add on yet another rumor(unlikely to be true), the UE are actually members of the future's Celestial Being. Again, highly unlikely to be true, but actually sounds awesome and might fit into the plot.

Waylander said...

Yeah I heard bout the rumours! The one bout Celestial Being is highly unlikely, i think, but the part bout the UE being from the future sounds like a cool concept. Let's wait and see!