Tuesday, February 7, 2012

KILLER BEE (Final reveal)

I'm done with my Transformers commish! Woot. For those who haven't been following, this is a kitbash from the DMK (Dual Model Kit) model kit, and WFC (War For Cybertron) toy. The idea was to make Bee more badass, and less cute. I'm pretty happy with the results. As for the base dio, I felt that less is more. So a smaller, simpler base should accentuate Bee, which is the intention. For flashy stand-alone pics of Bee, check it HERE. Otherwise, here we go!!~

    Dio was done using a circular acrylic base glued onto a wider, wooden base. Then slap on the ceramic stucco and some resin sand for texture, let cure, prime and paint. Sorry I forgot to take pics of the process. If any of you guys are interested, drop a comment and I'll do a step-by-step post of how to make it. It's really very simple. I'd recommend this technique if you're working on a tight schedule and have no time to do anything elaborate, or just want something simple to complement the centre-piece, which should be the kit.

Dry-dusting with some white paint brings out the texture and adds tone. The Autobot insignia was dry-brushed with enamel silver while the 'rocks', enamel white.

A bit of minor detail here and there. Not too much...

I realised Bee needed to be slightly weathered down to fit the rocky dio base, so some paint chipping and oil stains were added using a sponge. I swear by this method! The sponge produces really random patterns that I like, and look kinda realistic. This is my first attempt so I don't think it's up to standard of the weathering pros yet...but practice makes perfect!  

    Sliced off Con bits are from a Barricade toy. The red 'molten' highlights were hand-painted using fluoro-red acrylics. Acrylics are good cos they dry real fast, although they're not as easy as enamel to apply. Good though for small bits and highlights.

WIPs here:


tulispendekpendek said...

Weight 6 metres? Haha. Btw, if this is my kit, I would like to name him "Bad Boy Bee" and have a "BBB" insignia on his chest. Badass-looking, but the face is still cute-looking. Hehe

Waylander said...

WAH thanks for pointing it out bro! I realised the mistake in forum posts but forgot to change on my own blog LOL.

cosmas said...

do u know where can i get one? i've checekd china sq on sunday to no avail

Waylander said...

Try RoboRobo at Excelsior. They should have it.

Gd luck!

cosmas said...

Thx. i'll look for it this weekend!