Friday, February 3, 2012

KILLER BEE (DMK-WFC Bumblebee kitbash)

    I'm headed to Bangkok for work over the weekend, so I'll leave you guys with my completed DMK-WFC Bee kitbash (finally!). I've called it 'Death-strike' version and what not. But I think I'll settle for KILLER BEE. LOL. This is for the Cybertron Convention organised by Hasbro, which, in case you're a TF fan and residing in S'pore and still have not heard, is taking place at Resorts World Sentosa from Mar 11 -14. I'm not sure what they're gonna do with my Bee actually...It's like a commission-cum-competition piece. There may be a compy involved where kits by other modellers are pitted against one another for an overall winner...I duno. But anyhoos....guess what. I CAN'T MAKE IT THERE. *sob* That's right. As luck would have it, I happened to book a vacay right at the same time the event takes place, so while my work will be there, I won't. *double sob*.
    Anyway, if some of you haven't already seen my earlier posts, the intention was to kitbash two versions of Bumblebee into a bad-ass slice-and-dice yellow dynamo. I'm pretty satisfied with the results.

    So without further ado and as always - less talk, more pics. Enjoy!

This is just a make-shift back-up base. I have a mini-dio for Bee in the works, but whether it makes it to the show or not depends on whether I like the final result (or whether I can finish it! :P) Stay tuned fellas!


Jan Carlo said...

looks great..nice and smooth finish..:D
personally, i think it lacks more color to it..kinda needs more contrast on the yellow parts, maybe it needs more black color on it?but that's just me..great work..i wish i could paint like that..:D

Jayesh Enterprise said...

Wow, USS should feature your kit in their ride exhibit!

seven6398 said...

agree with Jan Carlo.. anyway.. great kit there..

Waylander said...

Thanks fellas. My only hope now is that the kit makes it in one piece to the convention cos I won't be there to personally see that it does! *fingers crossed*