Sunday, February 19, 2012


    I'm not really a fan of the Mega Size model kits by Bandai. My favourite's still the MG class. But I just decided I had to have an OOB mega-size kit in my personal collection just for the sheer size of these babies!! The Mega RX was a classic yes, but the Age's waaaay sleeker. So after about a week of lay-off from completing Bee, my fingers got itchy again. I wanted a project that won't be too time-consuming, yet have significant results. What better kit than a Mega size Age eh?

    Snap-fitting was a walk in the park. I took only about an hour or two. The Mega Size series isn't big on details, so it's kinda like a blown-up HG kit. What's disappointing is that even the HANDS are HG-type hands! No articulation. C'mon Bandai! Even the 1/60 NG kits had articulated

    You can see just how humongous this monster is, standing next to a 1-litre bottle of H20. Yeah. It's BIIIIG.

    The goal is to complete this as a leisure project over the next two weeks. I'm still undecided about the colour though. My preference is to go for flat pastels, like the designer colour Double 0 Raiser:

    Then again the Age kit comes with a nice manual with a dark alternative colour called 'Real Type Custom':

So I'm still figuring out which scheme I wanna go with. This kit's been out for some time now, but strangely I don't seem many colour variations out there on the Net. Hmmmm..

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