Saturday, September 17, 2011

seira masuo

    Those of you who read the Jap hobby mags should know who Seira Masuo is. He's the Jap maestro with a distinct style for pla-bits-cum-indentation details, pastel colour schemes, kitbashing, and brown panel-linings. Most editorial features showcasing his work come with a 'LOVE' stamp that I think, represents a series or something...I duno. 

    I don't dig all his creations, but I gotta say his style's distinctive, and his work, inspiring. If anyone knows whether this fella has some website or blog, please let me know. Cos all I can find are scans of his works from magazines, which I shall compile here as a personal reference for future works. Special mention to Gundam Guy, of course, for most of the scanned images, which are found on his blog. 

From Tokyohunter

    I think there's more but these are what I can find on the Net so far. 

    Got some more from my own latest Gundam Weapons series collection. Not all are by Seira, but the designs are kinda similar. Sorry for the bad quality...I took them fr a camera. ;P :

By Shuya Kawamura

By Nozomu Nakai

Annnd back to Seira Masuo:


DarkWorkx said...

i like the full armor gundam x and especially the qant O_O

I want more pics of this qant!

Luan Tran said...

What I like about this presumably "guy" works is the fact that he combine very well 2-3 kits together to make a new without changing TOO much of the original look or when he gave a "face lift" to an ordinary kit... The small details ads on stand out amazingly once its done and of course his paint jobs are outstanding.

CKai Cydek said...

The 'stamp' you see in the mags where his work is featured reads "Gunpla Love", and yes, the guy really does love his Gunpla :)

sobazaRai aRaxis said...

This is His Work Too