Sunday, September 4, 2011


    Man I'm zonked! My goal was to finish the Exia commission by this weekend so I could start on Bakuc next week and boy, did I get on a roll! I practically spent the whole Saturday finishing up this kit 'cos I won't have time on Sun, and it's already 5 in the morning as we speak. But it's looking mighty good, if I do say so myself. :P

Decal power!! Some customised decals to suit the scheme. The hip circle armours are the trickiest to apply as you can see, but with some help from a Mark Setter and Mark Softener, the decals evens out nicely, and after that it's a matter of cleaning it up.
    The client wanted something of a dark stealth mode colour scheme with red highlights, and I thought the colour wouldn't work on the Exia at first, but hey guess what, it actually looks pretty fine! As I've still got some finishing touches to add and proper pics to take, I'll just let y'all have a sneak peek first, before I post up the proper photos in a day or two. Enjoy!

Fooled around with colours a bit even for the pilot. Setsuna has to have a different set-up, since this Exia's a Shadow version no? lol. Oops, got a bit squiggly there with the leg...Needa clean those up!

All systems go!


DarkWorkx said...

I love it bro...
What colors did you used on this kit?

Waylander said...

Thanks man! The colours are basically variants of Neutral Grey. I just added black to come up with two tones of dark grey. Haven't got the time to give it a proper shoot though... :P Will do so this week!