Saturday, September 24, 2011


    We've all seen the hero suit for the new series Gundam Age. To be honest, I was not very impressed when I first set eyes on it. It just looked like a mash up between 0 Gundam, RX, and Beginning Gundam. Didn't really feel very fresh to me. Then Gundam Guy recently announced two more evolved designs of the AGE 1 Gundam. Feelings are mixed....Granted, they are better than I thought it would be (I didn't have much high hopes after the first one! :P), but they still left the hardcore Gundam fan somewhat....wanting. 

    Maybe it's just me, or maybe we shouldn't be ingrates kicking up such a fuss since they already gave us Unicorn, and Age is more targeted at kids. But you can't help but wonder....Is this a new dawn for Bandai? Is this the next wave in their line of kits? Where does that leave us modellers? Just wondering...

    And also, I duno bout you guys, but considering the designer for Age is Ebikawa (00's designer), you'd expect something fresher. When I look at the latter two designs for AGE though, I can't help but think of some other kits. LOL. You be the judge:

AGE - 2:


AGE - 3:


    I'm just saying fellas......And lets not even talk about the villians.


    Anyway, on a brighter note, a new Gundam will be introduced, as announced by Gundam Guy, but will exist only in a novella series and not on TV (I'm guessing) - Gundam Kestrel. For those of you who have access to the Jap hobby mags, you would have already seen it. Not bad, this one....Kinda a cross btw V-Dash and the Sefer Raisel (below below) from the 00F series, but unlike the Age designs, it still comes across fresh, still does make me wanna get the kit. I think there's still hope! 




seven6398 said...

agreed.. totally.. LOL..

Unknown said...

I heard that age 2 and 3 designs were fakes though. Can't confirm that.

Waylander said...

To be honest I HOPE they're fakes! LOL. I'm still waiting to be blown away.

Vulcan said...

Actually, the Zedas design looks pretty awesome to me.

Nemphtis said...

I'm really not liking the designs for AGE either, and this seems to be the dominant reaction by many fans from what I've read elsewhere. The 'Kestrel' does seem to strike a nice balance between familiar yet still desirable.