Sunday, September 11, 2011


GN-Psychoframe overload!!
    With commissions outta da way and enough fiddling around with Transformers (for now), I'm gearing up to start on my Bakuc piece by trawling the Net on alternative Gundam designs for inspiration. And I came across some pretty interesting stuff to share. Try and see if you can guess which original Gundam designs these variants are based after. To my best efforts, I'll try to credit the sources where there's enough info for me to credit, so here goes:

By Randis

By Masarbelth

By Robert Smith
By Robert Smith

    I'm not even sure if this was meant to be a Gundam, but I'd imagine if Karmen Rider and Gundams mated this would be their offspring. LOL - 


    Alright thanks to some readers who gave me a few leads, here're MORE weird and cool Gundam designs. This is essentially a repost since Gunday Guy already blogged about this last year, but just in case you haven't seen it or would like to revisit it, here they are: Gundams that transform into animals. (GunZoids??) Done by a bunch of artists called Atelier Tobiou.


Tonythem / AgcSantos said...

Nice designs there man, search for Gundam Animal, and you'll see crazy concepts and designs, like you misture Zoids with Gundam, having a gundam that can transform and stuff, check it :)

Khaidir said...

weird.. but Awesome Designs. and i think i've seen loads of GUndam Designed with Kamen Riders.. quite good though especially Kamen Rider W

Unknown said...

I've seen a SD Decade Gundam floating around the web.

Waylander said...

Yeah it's a jungle out there! Share some links here if you come across any other offbeat designs and I'll add to the post! :) Can't seem to find the Gundam Animal stuff that AgcSantos mentioned though...

Unknown said...

Actually, it's called Gundam Beast I believe.

Waylander said...

Woah cool thanks man! Just updated the post with Gundam Beast pics. :)