Sunday, September 18, 2011


    Yo fellas...Alright for the non-TF fans, sorry to bore you guys out, but I'm having some problems gaining momentum for Bakuc these days, so I thought I'd do some shopping to cheer myself up on a weekend funk. Gonna do a review on my latest purchase today - Revoltech's Optimus Prime, movie version. Take a look, ladies and gents. Is this or is this not one handsome mofo? LOL. 

    I got it for about S$70. I think this is roughly also the same time the product's being released around the world. Optimus comes with a whole load of accessories, such as a heat blade:

    As you can see, he's based on DOTM version. And while I've said I'm not really a fan of Michael Bay's designs, the attention to detail here on the Revoltech version is impressive. It's easily the most posable Optimus figure out there (19 articulation points) next to the Dual Action Model Kit Prime (which I haven't gotten down to doing), and also the most manageable, at 14cm, without having to worry bout paint scrapes or bits falling off. 

   For the gun enthusiasts, there're about four guns that combine to form a BFG, even though the weight of the weapon kinda makes it hard to pose. Texture-wise, the guns are done up all in metallics with some realistic dry-brushing. 

   Detail freaks, here comes the bits and bolts - 

    Size comparisons with a 1/100 MG Sword Impulse:

Chilling out with his anime version (also by Revoltech):

"Go ahead, make my day."


ADRIAN said...

SWEEETTTT. Really like the poses - some of which resemble the TF movie posters. Is it hard to pose?

Waylander said...

Quite easy lah. Revoltech is so called cos of their 'Revolving Technology' I think, which is a series of very simple rotating joints designed into their toys that fit at the limbs, neck and waist areas so you get maximum articulation. Pretty solid. Check it out man!

Jeezy said...

May i know where you bought this optimus prime? :D

Waylander said...

Chinasquare bro. China Square Central
18 Cross Street. Go on Sundays there's a toy bazaar there, 12-5pm.